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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Renovation update..

Hi girls, just a quick post, didn't think I was going to have time but managed to take a couple of snaps of my bedroom and family room where you go into the new extension part.  We have come across another hurdle, ofcourse! They no longer make my timber flooring. I have enough left over from before to probably do the hallway. Hubby suggested carpet but I really don't want to have to vacuum and wash out stains. Been there, done that, and living where I do it's very easy to bring dirt in.  So now I have the tedious task of trying to match something up. So for now we still moved my bedroom furniture into my new room and I love it. I have so much room now compared to before. I really haven't set it up properly as I will wait to do the flooring first before I do that. I'll show more pics then, so for now this is what it looks like...

and this is where the window used to be facing the front of the house, which was removed and an entry way was made into the new part of the house.,don't mind the flying saucer hanging from the ceiling, thats the old ugly light fitting there used to be, that will be coming off as soon as I can decide which one to replace it with.

Not sure if it will stay like this but for now I think it will do. You can see my cabinet full of fabric!  I have been very busy, painting and cleaning and the house is starting to feel like a home again. You can see the yellow is now gone too!
Well girls just want to wish you all a wonderful and safe Christmas. Hope you have lots of fun and pressies and may 2010 be a good one!   Take care, thanks for visiting me, Maryann 

Monday, December 21, 2009

Copyright!! and what would you do????

If you don't already know, I love to sew. One of my favorite things to do is to create something new. I LOVE the CHALLENGE of coming up with something never seen before, not even in the shops!!  WELL!  that was until I went shopping last week and happened to walk past 'Bed Bath & Table', a linen shop. Before my very eyes, there in the window display, smack in the middle of the bed was a cushion, or the design of a cushion I created 4 yrs ago!!  Here's a pic of the one I'm talking about..

It's basically is a very simple design with a gathered piece of fabric at the front either with a diamonte buckle or piece of fabric to gather it in the centre making it look like a bow attached to the front. Well this is what I saw, different fabric ofcourse, but instead of the diamonte buckle it has a small piece of fabric like a tie, so to speak. I have used this design also on other things like xmas stockings....

and also on lamps....

So after staring at that cushion in the display for about a minute I was feeling quite p...d off! That's my cushion I said to James!! Ever since then I haven't been able to stop thinking about it.. was it just co-incidence that some one has come up with the same idea? I know it can happen. Or has someone just outright copied me? They could have seen my pics on my 'me' page on ebay.I am no expert on copyright but I know anyone who creates something new is automatically covered.  It has been playing on my mind to find out who created this cushion and let them know they have pinched my design, if for no other reason than to let them know that I KNOW!  It's not always easy, coming up with new ideas as anyone who loves to create would know. Or am I making a big deal out of nothing?? After all I'm just a housewife ..WHAT WOULD YOU DO?????????  take care, Maryann 

Thursday, December 10, 2009

painting, painting and yes, more painting!

Well the title pretty much says it all. It took us a while to start painting as after undercoating everthing I had to get the electrician back to put the light switches on. Well, when we turned on the lights at night, hubby wasn't happy with how the joins looked on the ceilings! They looked perfect in daylight but not when the lights were on. So he started... rubbing and filling and rubbing and filling and rubbing and filling and I was going crazy.. enough is enough!

Anyway FINALLY it's done and I have started painting and put the colour on the walls. I went out and bought the paint 'barrister white' by dulux which from the sample pot looked great. A dark creamy colour which would look great, or so I thought.  I painted my entire bedroom but I just couldn't get myself to like it. Where I had lots of light and sunshine it looked perfect but where it didn't have much light it looked to dark. Sort of a creamy yellowy colour. No, it won't do! So I quickly ducked down to the hardware to see if I could get it in half strength but they couldn't do it by exact measurement so I ended up getting a colour I didn't even get a sample pot of. I ended up getting 'antique white'. It's funny how sometimes I can think about something for so long and still get it wrong in the end.  I'm really happy with this colour now, much lighter and will brighten up the house even where its not so bright.


My Bedroom

The walls still need to be done in the lounge room, but I ended up getting something I have always wanted for a long time. A ceiling rose! Nothing too fancy as I want the fireplace to be the main feature in this room.

Well there's been a change of plans for James' room. We had intended giving it a nautical feel, couldn't wait to do it until someone convinced him otherwise!! Grrrrr!  Lisa had been in his ear!
I quote her "Mum, you can't do James' room all beachy, he'll be teased at school and he'll be bullied"
Surely she was over reacting .. but apparently she wasn't. Bullying is a big problem at schools now and I know not long ago James was getting bullied on the school bus!  Ryan also told me not to do it, so looks like James will be having a typical boys room with cars and  'no theme'.  Oh well, the main thing is what James wants so now I am totally stumped about his room. Looks like he'll be getting Ryan's furniture.

Have also been busy in the vegie patch planting all summer vegies, tomatoes, zuchini, beans, cucumber, lettuce to name a few.  Am off now to put some more cow manure in one section to plant a heap more tomatoes as when I have extra  I love making a basic sauce with them and freezing it in portions ready for the next pasta dish ( instead of buying jars!)   Then it's back to painting.. !
take care ladies, will visit soon, if I haven't already.. Maryann

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

HELP!!! what a mess..!

Hi girls, sorry for not posting or visiting lately but this is why...

If you would like to recreate this look simply place an industrial fan at your front door, make sure it';s open ofcourse and sprinkle 40 kgs of flour infront of it!! wha la!

Jokes aside, I cannot tell you what I have been through these last couple of weeks. We have been gyprocking. Hubby and I took on the job, with the help of relo's too, and what a big mistake! A job that would have only taken the pros' 4 days took us 3 wks and the mess is unbelievable. Hubby was SUPPOSED to block off the rest of the house but somehow it didn;t happen and now I have dust everywhere. Carol, if you are reading this, no I am not coping with the dust at all! It has been a totally depressing experience and have a heart attack everytime someone comes over,  but on the upside its nearly done, just a few going overs in the lounge room.

Yesterday I started undercoating and is starting to look a bit better.  I am thinking of colours now, as I have decided to get rid of the yellow (as much as I love it) and probably will end up painting it and the rest of the entire house 'Barrister white" by dulux, which is a bit darker than my white furniture.. Still can't decide whether to give James' room a blue feature wall...will have to decide soon though.

Unfortunately my sewing has come go a grinding halt, no way can I sew in this mess!

 Ok better go .. keep well and hopefully next post will have some nicer pics!!!! Have a great day, Maryann

Saturday, October 24, 2009

week end finds

Well last week actually, I went to a garage sale which was just down the road. It was a combination of garage sales that is held in a local hall, they like to do this once a year and for the last couple of years I really didn't find much, but this year was different! 
  I managed to pick up this gorgeous chest of drawers.  I am thinking of putting these either in the lounge room or Lisa's bedroom. I had been wanting some drawers and couldn't believe my eyes when I saw them and cost me all of $40. There is a bit of a story behind them though as when I asked the gentleman the price he told me to wait for his mum to arrive as they were hers. So I did. When she did finally arrive I asked again and the elderly lady said I could have them for $40, which I snapped up and paid for immediately. But whilst I was looking at other stuff there, the gentleman who sold me the drawers came up to me with this other woman (who was claiming she saw them first) and said that he had promised the drawers to her. Now I saw this woman come in and it was after me! That alone started to make my blood boil and I was already shaking my head like 'no way' are you getting these drawers. I told her I paid for them fair and square and besides the guy happily took my money and the deal was done! I did feel a little sorry for the woman for missing out on a bargain. Just a little...

I also purchased this mirror from the same guy and the little ornate bedside table which I just fell in love with, I'm thinking of leaving it just the way it is.

It is blue that has been distressed in some areas more than others so I might just "even it out" a little. It has a concave drawer in the front which I thought was cute, but I might add a little crystal knob as it has no handle. I am thinking of putting this in the lounge, and the other mirror in the family room.

These were all purchased from the same gentleman as he had a lot of furniture there and I would have probably kept looking if that silly woman didn't keep whinging about the drawers, so I just went home before it got ugly!!  Well, atleast I HAD the drawers, yay! Have a great week end, Maryann

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

So much has happened..

So much has happened since my last post I don't know where to start really, but I think I will start with what's most important! Well today is my eldest son's, my first born as I like to refer to him, 20th birthday. Here are some pics of him when he was only about 2 yrs old! His hair was so blonde and curly.

We are at the beach here and my brother decided to 'peg' him. I wonder if I could get to him to pose like this now?????

Ryan and me back then.

But this would have to be typical Ryan  growing up, (about 10 here) always pulling funny faces when the camera came out!

Ryan is in the middle at the back and my youngest son James as at the front looking away. The other 2 handsome boys are my nephews. This was taken about 3 yrs ago.
Ryan (now) is in the middle with the black shirt. Happy birthday son, seems like only yesterday I was wiping your bottom! lol!!

Ok, well, I can't believe I won Shannon's giveaway from 'Paint mine Pink'. I was so excited I can't tell you as I NEVER WIN ANYTHING!!!!  I am so looking forward to getting the gorgeous cupcakes she makes. I can't thank you enough Sam for drawing my ticket! yay! I am thinking of having my own giveaway before xmas so stay tuned.

My house extensions are nearly finished The builder has done his bit and the electrician was here yesterday. I am in the process of getting quotes for plastering so I am hoping they are reasonable otherwise it could be a job for me and hubby. Here are some pics.

The back. note new window on the side that was originally in the front in one of the bedrooms.

It still looks like I've plonked a second house infront of the first. I'm hoping once I've done the gardens and it's all painted one colour it will look better. The house looks so much nicer from the sides. I'm still very happy though as it has made such a difference to the inside. It looks so more spacious and open now. This picture is of the corner where I used to have my china cabinet and arm chair and lamp in the corner. That window used to let in so much sunlight. I will definately miss it, but it has to go.

I was so excited here, finally I can see what the house will look like and what effect the opening will make.
Well James just had to make an appearance, so much like Ryan! Now I can see my front door from inside!! Yay!!

My hallway from the new opening.
I will have french doors leading into my lounge room and it has  a cathedral ceiling. I wish my house had high ceilings but atleast I have one room now with a high ceiling that will accomodate my chandelier. If I can't have the whole cake atleast I can have a slice I always say! Those french doors lead to the back. Not that they will be used much. Thought I'd give you a sneak peak of my fireplace surround. This has been in storage for atleast 4 years and couldn't wait to see it again.

Also since my last post I went through a very scary ordeal. About a week ago late in the evening I was feeling very tired, which is nothing unusual these days. I decided I had better go have my shower and go to bed.  Well, while I was showering I started to feel dizzy and thought ok..., this will get better soon.... but instead of getting better it got worse and I felt I was like on a merry go round that didn't want to stop and the room was literally spinning in front of my eyes to the point I had to get down on my knees and call Fred. Well, he dragged me out of the bathroom onto the bed where I collapsed but I was still conscious and every movement made me sick and dizzy.  I didn't want to move or talk and I was breathing very heavy. I was like a rag doll basically. I was so scared I told Fred to call an ambulance whcih was an effort in itself.
Well to cut a long story short I ended up in hospital that night on a drip. They gave me a couple of injections for the dizziness, which didn't work and then they gave me something, don't ask me what, which I heard them say to Fred was something they give to cancer patients and was alot stronger. Throughout this whole ordeal I was also bringing up. (sorry about that).  I tell you I have never been so scared and prayed to God to get me through this. What the heck was happening to me?   About 7 am the next morning I could open my eyes without the room spinning. They said there was a bug going around and that I would be dizzy for a few days. They were right. Now is it just me or am I the only one that freezes in hospital? The only other times I have had to go to hospital is when I had my kids and even then I remember how cold I would be. I am feeling much better now, but I never want to go through that again.
   Take care of yourselves ladies, Maryann

Friday, October 9, 2009

A room for James..

My son James is so excited he is finally getting his own room. He wants it in a nautical theme, which I am all for. There is just something so relaxing and inviting about sea side rooms, I think it makes you feel like your on holiday!    I have been looking at pics for inspiration and have come up with these as they all have something that I like. He is only 11 so I don't want it too babyish nor too grown up yet. There's plenty of time for him to be all grown up! So I have to do something inbetween. In this picture I really like the maps on the wall and even though I don't think I would do a whole wall like this, perhaps a framed print would be nice. I am going for the navy blue and white look with touches of brown as we have timber floors.   I like the stiped wall in this and the boat and life raft is a nice touch. I like the built in shelf in the headboard too.

Thought this was quite nice and light. But I think I will do one feature wall in navy blue and the rest all white. Will have to wait and see as I change my mind like the wind changes direction!!

I absolutely love the oars on the wall!  You wouldn't believe I actually found 2 in the shed the other day when we were cleaning it out. Apparently my old neighbour gave them to Fred before he moved. How lucky was that! They are definately going in James' room but might have to give the boat on the ceiling a miss!!!!!!!   Bon voyage.... Maryann

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

house extension coming along..

Well here are some more pics of what's been happening so far. As you can see the floor has been laid. This is just the yellow tongue. We will put proper floor boards on top when the house is finished.
Frame is up. They did this in 2 days, it has been moving along quite nicely, but the weather lately hasn't been very good. It rained all long week end but my garden loved it, everything is so nice and green again, especially after that dust storm!

This is the other side. I'll have to work out the new garden soon to continue down to the winding part on the side of the house. .

The frame is completely finished and they have started to clad it. We ran out of that and hubby is on his way home right now with the rest of it. This bottom pic is at the back. I'll be having french doors there which eventually will lead out onto a decked area for entertaining.

At the moment the extension looks like I have a house in front of another house but I think and hope that once we do our pergola/entertainment area it will all blend in nicely and look like its always been there. Not long now hopefully and I can get to the best part, doing it up!! Take care ladies, Maryann

Saturday, October 3, 2009


All this week my daughter Lisa had work placement as part of her hospitality subject at school. She was doing it at a local retirement home and her job was the kitchen side of it ofcourse, peeling vegies, washing up etc. Today at dinner she was telling me and hubby how a lot of them have dementia and some of the happenings there. For example one elderly gentleman every day goes up to the manager and asks her for his key to his door when it's always hanging on a string around his neck. We were feeling quite sorry and compassionate about it all.
Anyway she has decided that hospitality is not her thing and says " well if there's one thing I've learnt from this is that there is no way I will let you end up in a retirement home!" Fred and I both looked at her in amazement and with such pride!
Fred says " so, does that mean you'll look after us?" "No.. James will" she replied. Kids!!!Gotta love'em.

ps James is my youngest (11 yr old)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

week end project stage 2.. french courtyard

Well remember the before.. not very pretty.. but after removing the dog kennel and putting it behind this sandstone/cement wall I set to work prettying it up and trying to make it look a french courtyard. Its only a small space and I am so glad we didn't knock this wall down, as I am so happy with the end result. It actually takes me back to a time when I did live in the mediteranean, Malta actually for 12 years. Our first house there actually had a courtyard for a backyard as many of the houses do over there. Ok, so now comes the after, it's still not complete as I want to pave an area and need to plant my lavender... Ok the first thing I did was pull out these old shutters that had been stored in our shed, that I found at a garage sale for $2 each! I painted them a dulux 'blue oar' and then distressed them a little. All I spent to do this makeover was $7, the cost of the paint.. everything else I had either in the garden or lying around in my potting area! I knew they'd come in handy someday..

I really tried to capture the ambience in the photos but proved to be very hard, it's just so lovely sitting here now with a capuccino..

Those shutters really made such a difference! I had lots of plants in terracotta pots. The kumquat and red geraniums really gave it an authentic feel. I think it turned out more of a country 'farm' french or tuscan courtyard.

I had some old farm implements like the cutters hanging from the shutter and old fork sitting by the table. A lady statuette graces the window sill.

Down the back of my property where all the bush is about 3 months after we moved in we had bushfires and totally destroyed all the foliage on the trees. All that was left was a silhoutte of black tree stumps and white ash. It was quite beautiful in an eery kind of way. But I found these old cast metal sides of a garden bench, they are now leaning against the wall.

I have also planted some ivy at the base of the wall so hopefully it won't take too long before it climbs its way up. I also put some in a large pot sitting in the table to make a heart shape topiary. An old fly spray can is now sitting there too.. I could never find a place for that thing!

I had an old cafe style table round the other side of the house. Very very old and chippy.. looks great here with just enough touches of blue paint left showing through.

In this last pic this is the section in between my hedges and where my courtyard is. As luck would have it I had planted 2 grape vines along this fence, which don't have any leaves just yet and will really add to the look. I have ordered my lavender and that's where I'll be planting it in the long strip of soil underneath the vines. Hopefully it won't take me too long to finish it and I can post some more pics for you to see.... bye for now and take care girls.. Maryann


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