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Thursday, May 30, 2013

latest finds....

Well I did manage to pick up a few things at the last swap meet I went to. I could have picked up much more but a lot of things were too pricey so unless I really want them to keep for myself I pass them up.

pretty pink floral cup and saucers.. these were still new in the box. i have seen these for around $70 at the shops.. I got these for $10!

I seemed to have a pink theme going this time.. pink frosted glass platter, perfect for cakes or biscuits... $3

I was so happy to find this pink glass light fitting from the 50's.. perfect for my laundry..$15

also found this metal planter and it's a perfect size to plant my tulip and hyacinth bulbs in ..$10... he wouldn't go down in price ( I haggle everything!) but for that price I still wanted it..

but what I was most excited to find was this outdoor fireplace. I had just been eyeing one off literally the week before at Bunnings for $149..

ofcourse it's not new but it's not very old and only used a couple of times ... price.. $70, half price sounds good to me, especially since I nearly had to twist his arm to give it to me for this price ..he wanted $90.

I think we will have some fun using this now that the nights are so chilly..
 so take care, Maryann

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

a weekend away...

Hi girls, well last weekend we ended up going away for a couple of days.. we went to Lake Conjola about 2 hours down the south coast from where we live. We made sure it coincided with a swap meet that hubby and I like going too. These first 3 pics are going through Kangaroo Valley and even though I partially hold my breath going through here, as it has winding roads with steep descents it is an absolutely beautiful place with rolling hills and pretty scenery. Yet, as luck would have it, it decided to rain that day so I couldn't get any great pics.

We stayed in a waterfront cabin which I just loved..

the lake was right in front of us and there was a boardwalk to go right to the edge.. perfect for James' fishing..

we were greeted straight away by the local wildlife...

Lisa and Ryan


yes we were very welcomed...these two were inseparable and ever so friendly..

the next day was just gorgeous so we went for a fish on the boat...
here are some of the houses that are right on the lake ... I would love to own one of these!!!

some are really nice and some are cute 'beach shacks'.. any one would do me..

yep ..we had a very relaxing time .
Sunday came and Fred and I went to the swap meet, unfortunately this is where my camera decided to die.
There were lots of things I loved that were a bit pricey but I did pick up a couple of things and will show you soon.

Soo, bye for now,
take care, Maryann

Thursday, May 16, 2013

those damn trees...

For a long while now I have been whinging to my hubby.....
 "those damn trees are throwing too much shade on the house".. "they make the house so cold".. " they're blocking all the sun".. bla bla bla...
see big big tree to the left.. probably over 50' followed by a row of 5 others behind it slightly smaller..

this is the back view where we are working on the path.. and they are so big now they block out all the sun. I suppose it's ok on a stinking hot day but really how many of them do we get...

Soo, we were putting down the crushed aggregate to finish off the paths on the side of the house ...

back path leading to side

but this has come to a grinding halt! (see the trunks at the top right hand corner)

Yes, we have decided ( well I decided a long time ago) but hubby has finally agreed that they must go! So I must now wait 'till the 29th for the arborist to come out and down size them to about 6'. Just enough to give me a privacy screen from my neighbours and finally let the warmth of the sun kiss my home. They estimate I should have about 20 cubic mtrs of mulch!
take care girls... Maryann

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sunny Autumn...

Normally by the end of April I would have already started using our fireplace but not this year. We are having lovely sunny days here and I have been a busy little bee weeding and planting all sorts of bulbs in the garden ready for spring.

When hubby had the week off this is what we worked on.. the last part of our rockery.. hurray it's nearly all done now. The gravel ditch is where we put drainage pipes and we have already started to cover this with more rocks to finish it off.
 We made some steps (that aren't the most professionally done steps) but they will do.. it goes with the look of this house anyway...i.e. if it's perfect it will look out of place! .... and that gym equipment will have to go.. once I finish fixing the gardens the veranda will be next to rearrange..

 here is a view from the back to the front of the house.. I planted some pansies where the garden goes in and we need to do a row of pavers along the top where I will continue the top part of the garden..
since we had to install drainage pipes all down the side path we had to rearrange all the rocks of my garden beds..this is looking from front to back..

from back to front..
this path used to be a dead end and where I had the garden... but since the pipes had to go through here as well it has opened up to the side garden and I can see right through..

ginger.. making the most of the sunny days too..

and just some pics of what's blooming..

my cecil brunner.. just love this little rose. It has the daintiest rose formal when they are just buds and so frilly when fully open.

take care, Maryann


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