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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

veggie patch 'garden arch' inspiration..2014

Does anyone else like looking at photos of veggie patch gardens.. I do! Well I got this idea from pinterest to create an arch where I can let my beans and cucumbers climb up and over and where I can walk through the centre in between the rows. I'll show you the inspiration photos first...

Well mine isn't as pretty as these but it will do the job. The frame was originally an (el cheapo) greenhouse with very thin plastic. Just 2 days after we set it up we had strong winds here and ripped all the plastic off! (which I somehow just KNEW would happen), and so it sat like that for a while 'till I thought to use it as the arch for my veggie patch.
I got hubby to help me attach  chicken wire to it .. ofcourse he ended up doing most of the work!

I'm so glad I didn't throw this frame away..

beans starting to climb up already.. can't wait till they reach the top..

This is the view from the back of the veggie patch.. it looks more like a jungle right now..which I love.

The pumpkin, which self seeds every year from my compost feeling the heat..

I have an abundance of tomatoes this year.. so lot's of pasta sauce to come..!

and meet the girls... i have 5 in all, the white one is a chinese silkie and is just like a ball of fluff walking around. They belonged to a friend who was down sizing and I was more than happy to take them off her hands.. 
loving the fresh eggs!
take care, 
Maryann xxx


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