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Monday, August 26, 2013

Tomorrow.. the first day of spring 2013!

They said on the news that we had a very mild winter this year and I totally agree. Normally around this time of year it's still pretty cold, but there have been days over the last couple of weeks where I have been working in my garden with just a singlet top on!  I'm not complaining of course as a lot of the bulbs I planted weeks ago are now popping their heads!

my pretty tulips that I just love looking at everyday.. some of the hyacinths have come and gone already..

Iceberg king daffodils.. will definitely have to get more for next year.. they have a frilly centre that start off a buttery yellow then fade to an icy pale yellow.. just gorgeous and rightly named!

Most of my time these days are spent in the garden. I planted 20 new roses already and have 10 more to go! I literally cannot wait for them all to flower and look forward to all the beautiful bouquets I will have.
I have been working on this new garden bed which is an extension to where I have my new arch. This is along the fence line and now joins up to my veggie patch at the far back. I have blue bells planted in the metal tub, which is bottom less btw, so ideal for the roots to roam free.

Where you see the lattice along the fence line I had planted a climbing Jasmina (rose) last year and hope to put in 2 more roses, one either side.
OK, so lets take a walk up the driveway to the very front of my yard.. just under those big pine trees..

 I haven't been able to show much before as the plants were and still are a bit small but you can see all the daffodils I planted in winter, about 200 of them!...this would be a stretch of about 40 mtrs long. I also planted a few in the wheelbarrow that haven't flowered yet. I picked up that wheelbarrow at a kerbside clean up just round the corner from where I live. I think some pansies would look lovely in there.. must get some next time I go out..

this photo below is looking back towards the driveway.. and you can see my neighbour's orchard.. his fruit trees are coming into flower.. which is a pretty sight!
can you see the space between the hedge and the front gate posts? I have a row of pink camelias planted there and a climber with huge white trumpet flowers right on the end.. which are also still small at this stage.

can you tell I love my tulips?
 can't wait for the other varieties to flower.! bring on spring!!
till next time.. take care, Maryann

Friday, August 9, 2013

garden arch inspiration for my new garden bed..


Hi girls, since we had some trees chops down on the side of the house, that created way too much shade, I've been busy creating new garden beds underneath. We didn't get them chopped completely, we left them about 6ft high so they will fill in again and eventually create a hedge. 

all of the above photos were from pinterest... don't you just love a garden arch? I sure do and I wanted to incorporate one into my garden. The pics below are what I'm up to. The arch I bought not long ago from Aldi but everything else I already had lying around. I loved the idea with the urns in front.. hopefully I will replace my plastic ones with nicer ones one day but for now they will do. I also like the idea of pavers under the bench so I used a couple where you can rest your feet. I am planting the pretty rose 'pierre de ronsard' on both sidesof the arch and smaller

dwarf roses in the pots. Please excuse my writing today .. it's all over the place but my cursor has a mind of it's own and i can only write where it will let me!! The photo with the smaller roses is the dwarf and the pic with 2 roses only is the pierre de ronsard. The land you see behind the bench is actually my neighbours. I am hoping in time once the rose fills out it will give me a bit of privacy too. Ok will sign off for today and will post more pics once I have some flowers in... take care, Maryann


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