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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

some lamps and some sweet roses too...

Hi girls, gee time flies!  Well apart from finishing the ceiling light and a bedside table lamp for a customer for her soon to be newborn baby girl....

ceiling light

bedside lamp with pink crystal hearts and clay roses.. both to match the bedding I showed you in my previous post.

I am still concentrating on my garden and really making the most of the lovely autumn weather we've been having. Last week hubby and I finished our rockery but it's still quite messy as we had to install underground drainage pipes to solve our flooding problem at the front of the house. I'll show you pics soon of what we're up to...

but I thought I'd show you a few of the bare root roses I ordered online (about 15) and can't wait to get them in May or June..

pierre de ronsard


homere...this would have to be my favorite!

la france


golden fairytale

home and garden

octavious weld

and while I was at it I thought I'd get some clematis, after watching an episode of Gardeners world where this lady had over 200 of them.. I got 5..can't wait to get these too!

 I will be plenty busy planting these when I get this lot but it will give me something to look forward to in the winter months instead of just the cold weather and I really can't wait for it all to come alive come spring!!
take care, Maryann

Monday, April 8, 2013

more sewing.. tilda fabrics nursery set...

Here are some pics of what I've been sewing lately... a custom made order for some baby bedding.
Most of the fabrics we picked are by Tilda plus a few others mixed in.

                                                               patchwork heart cushion

      train cushion, yes this is for a little girl as my lovely client (and hubby) wanted a few train accents in the room!

                               bought cot and cradle sheets to which I added some matching trim

craddle quilt

raggy ruffle cot quilt

this week I am working on a couple of lamps to finish it all off... will show pics when they're done..

I am really looking forward to next week. Hubby has a week off and we will be tackling the final stage of our rockery. We have already done one side and the front. We now need to do the side of the house that doesn't really get seen much, which is a shame as the garden is just lovely there with a winding path from front to back. We will be finishing that off too by adding crushed rock and hopefully if there is enough time we will be putting up something that I have wanted since forever! A GREENHOUSE! 
So, I'll keep you posted on that too... can't wait!
take care girls... Maryann

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Do you have a tradition in your family? Whether it's something grand or something very simple (like mine) I think it's great when you follow a tradition that is a part of who you are.

Well like I said mine is very simple. For nearly 35 years now, come Easter time, I have been making these 'figolli' (Maltese Easter biscuits) give or take a couple of times. I was so close to not making them this year as I have been very busy .....

but I realised that what is the point of living our lives and everything we do if we can't stop and celebrate who we are and our family traditions!

I know I'm only talking about biscuits here, but I make quite a few and hand them out to family and on the occassion I don't make them I am always asked ..did you make figolli this year? and I ALWAYS regret not making them...

I made about 19 of these plate sized bikkies..

and took the better part of 2 days to make as I bake on one day and ice them the next...

Unfortunately the decoration could have been better but they do taste great. A vanilla biscuit top and bottom with an almond filling.. I even blanched the almonds and made the meal myself. A first for me. Everyone was delighted come Easter day and made it all soo worthwhile!!

take care, Maryann


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