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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

trying to declutter...

Hi girls, wow it's been a while since my last post but in all honesty I haven't had much to say. Not much has happened around here. It's still winter here and this year I promised myself I wouldn't winge too much about the cold hoping that it would make winter feel like it passed quicker and I have to say it worked. Only 4 more weeks to go .. yay!

In an effort to do a little more decluttering I decided to redo my buffet and hutch. Here are some before pics. The one above goes back awhile and the one below not so long ago.

This was probably more recent .. mmm.. maybe I should have left it like this!

but I did change it to this..

I did originally have everything white on there but it didn't last long, I found myself putting some pink back!! Clutter or no clutter?? is a question I often find myself asking and can't seem to answer as I like the look of both.  

I picked up these plates for $2 each from house warehouse.. I love the frenchy look of them and they were cheap enough for me to buy a couple of sets for everyday use.

Well for now it stays like this,.. it's soo much easier to keep clean but don't be surprised if I change it all back!

take care, Maryann


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