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Saturday, January 8, 2011

my vintage china cabinet..

Today I thought I'd show you some pictures of one of my most favorite china cabinets. I picked up this half round glass vintage cabinet a few years ago now at a garage sale for $150. I didn't know much about vintage furniture back then. It had no mirror backing or glass shelves. So I had someone do all that for me for an additional $ all up it cost me $300 . I have seen these in antique stores for way more but sometimes if you are lucky you can pick them up for around that price anyway.. sorry but this is the only pic I had of this before I painted it.. you can still see it in the background..

Today it looks like this...

The dinner set you at the bottom was also a garage sale find just a few weeks ago.. I nearly fainted when I saw it as this is one of my most favorite patterns. If you look at my header pic you can see 4 small plates in this pattern that I have had for ages and just adored. So to see a whole dinner set I had to really control myself to get it at a good price. How much you ask?.. all of $30! Definately a keeper!

I purchased this bowl set from an antique store so it was a bit pricey but I just had to have it. I just love the colours and the floral design.

Here are some more of my favorite vintage pieces ... Royal Albert plate..
A jug set which is ever so delicate..

A 4 piece Royal Albert rainbow trio set.. would you believe I broke the green cup when I got it home .. I nearly died. I did try finding one on ebay for a while.. but gave up..mmm maybe I should look again.

This next tea set was a gift from a friend who knew someone that was going to throw it out. How sweet of her to think of me! I think it is soo cute and it was still brand new in the box.. looks like an unwanted wedding gift or something! It came with 6 cups and saucers in the shape of a heart and also a leaf shaped sandwich plate. The roses on this are just gorgeous.

Well I hope you enjoyed my little tour of my china cabinet. As you can see I just love old china! take care, Maryann

Friday, January 7, 2011

my farmhouse cabinet.. and a new year's resolution??

Hi girls, well it's already one week into the new year! I hope 2011 will be a good year for all of you, may all your dreams become a reality! Christmas was a great event at my place this year with 57 people it was really a great day. Fred and his brother had the gokarts and buggies ready for the boys .. and girls .. as for me sipping on my wine, just sitting down doing nothing was all I needed.

We went away for a week after that to the south coast. We have an onsite van there, which is very handy as all I need to pack when we go is clothes and food. The kids love it there and James is such a keen fisherman. He'll get up early in the morning to go fishing by the side of the lake and he always comes back with something.. a flathead or bream.. but you know what the funny thing is.. he fishes with cabbanossi, salami or even bacon. No need for prawns or your regular fish bait! He cracks us up every time!

We are now thinking of selling the van but I have had this cabinet which I love in there and decided to bring it home.

Not sure about it being blue though as everything I have is pink or green. Looks like the white paint may have to come out. The handles will have to go too, the ones that are on it look like cotton spools. I love its rough texture, like that of fence palings, and the chicken wire. It used to store beach towels at the van but now it will hold all my tablecloths. For now I just threw anything on top till I get a bit more inspired.

If there is one thing I learnt at the end of last year when I had so much to do in so little time.. is that it's amazing what one can do when one has a deadline.. and that it CAN be done. I was pushing myself every day to get the house and garden how I wanted it. Now if I could apply that to my life every day I could achieve so much more than I have.
In the past I have never really been in to new year's resolutions.. perhaps because I know I'll never keep them, but this year I'm making one and one only..

and that's to STOP procrastinating and GET ON with it!!

So... starting from now, I am going to get off my butt and put all those ideas and designs I've had floating around in my head for years and make them real. I am going to stop putting off till tomorrow what I can do today.  Dreams don't come true just wishing them.. YOU have to MAKE them come true..

So again I hope all your dreams come true, no matter how big or small. Let's make the most of 2011.. as I certainly intend to.
have a good one! Maryann


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