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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My lounge room chandelier..

Have you seen that movie "Castaway' with Tom Hanks.. the part where he's in the cave and he keeps flicking his torch on and then off, then on and then off..... well that was me yesterday with my lounge room chandelier! I just had to show you a pic of it!

 It's been in storage for the last 4 years but finally took it out a couple of weeks ago to work on it.. well all I did was give it a good clean by spraying it with hot soapy dishwashing liquid and then I hosed it down. Yes I had to use the hose it was that dirty and prayed it would still work when it was dry. Ofcourse I covered the globe bits with a plastic sleeves to keep the water out. She came so sparkly. I love it.
She did look like this...

I have to say I was a bit disappointed when I took her out of the box. I forgot what she looked like. I really thought she was 2 tier with a row of globes up top and bottom.. but they were all at the bottom... that's how good my memory is for you! Plus she was filthy, a bit of a let down really to how I had remembered her. I can't tell you how relieved I was when I saw the dirt just dripping off when I started spraying her and her shine was coming through. I just love it now!

I decided not to do the scrunchie thing over the chain as I think its just part of the look of the chandelier.  Have a great day, the electrician's back this morning to finish off a few things so better go get dressed! take care, Maryann

Monday, February 22, 2010

week end find..I found a beauty! & 4 tips to help you get a bargain!

Call it luck, call it fate... but sometimes I get an eary feeling when I come across something that I know was just meant for me! With my new lounge room now built ofcourse I would be needing a lounge to sit on but knew I would have to wait a while to get the one I really wanted due to financial reasons. But I was happy to wait, I'm pretty much used to it!  I knew what I wanted in the back of my mind, a nice comfy lounge with big cushions for Fred and 2 french inspired armchairs, you know the ones with the ornate wood trims,  to give the room a french feel.
Well Fred and I went to a swap meet this weekend, he goes for car parts and I go for my treasures. We rarely walk together as we don't like to slow each other down looking at things we're not interested in. 

So guess what I came across.. I couldn't believe my eyes! A beautiful french Louie style lounge suite! OMG! That's when that eary feeling came over me and I knew that lounge was coming home with me! It would need a fair bit of work to bring it back to it's former glory... but that's ok.

Tip no. 1 - ALWAYS ask for the price. the lounge already had a small tag of $250 on it, but I've learnt that peoples emotions and needs fluctuate constantly when selling, so never take a price tag as the right price.

'How much do you want for the lounge' I asked
'$150'  he said.... so there you have it, he'd already reduced the lounge by $100 without me even trying..
'I just want to get rid of it and really don't want to take it home'  so at this stage I was hearing horns and sirens in my head because I knew he was open to more negotiation.

Tip no.2. -NEVER look too interested, even when you KNOW you are going to buy it.
'Mmmm,  I wish it was blue not green, do you know how much they charge too reupholster lounges' I asked. This part is true, I do not have a clue how  much they charge.. but I thought at that price I can afford to give it a go  myself.. so.. as fate would have it, Fred was coming towards me from the other direction,  and before I even mentioned the lounge he said 'that's a nice lounge'.. well that's all I needed to know.

Tip no. 3- ALWAYS haggle the price.. I'm a pretty good haggler.. and what's the worst thing that can happen?... they'll say no. Either way I was already happy with $150 but the guy didn't want to take it home right?
'Will you take $100 for the lounge?
Approx 10 seconds later he said 'OK'  ..and that was that.... yay!!!!!!!!

Tip no. 4 - CLOSE the deal and pay in full if you can, especially if you aren't taking it with you right away. Like that the deal is closed and he won't be tempted to sell it to the next person who comes along that may offer him a better price.

 So, if anyone out there has any tips and suggestions on how to reupholster I'd be so happy to hear from you.. I'll try googling it and see what I find.  I 'll be painting the wood trim white ofcourse and antiquing the ornate bits for more definition. I'll also try to replace the foam bits and then recover it all in an offwhite fabric. I can't wait to see it finished!  Hope you all had a good week end too! take care, Maryann    ps. I know alot of people don't like to haggle, but asking that one question saved me $50 and if he had said no $150 is the lowest I'll go I would have just said fair enough, I'll take it any way. easy peasy!

Friday, February 19, 2010

My new 'frenchy' bike..

Well sometimes it is a bit hard putting a title to a post, but I didn't know what else to call this..

I just had to show you what hubby bought me without me knowing. Now just let me tell you something he doesn't do this very often... he is not very romantic at all, but this time he really surprised me............... so I forgive him.
I actually saw this bike at 'recollections' when hubby and I went to pick some door handles for the extension. I immediately fell in love with this bike and kept saying I love that bike, I love that bike it, I have to get it. But ofcourse, I didn't, too many other expenses going on at the time. Well, not long after he turns up with this! Totally shocked me! I even started crying (mind you it doesn't take much to make me cry.. all Oprah has to do is give out cars and I start balling) So for now it's just sitting in my formal lounge ( sorry no pretty background here yet, this room is still waiting to be done up)
 I am still uhming and ahring where to put it... it was supposed to go on my front verandah but  since no one goes there I think it will be a waste. I am seriously contemplating leaving it in my lounge room! Would definitely be a talking point and would really add to my French theme.

I thought I'd post a pic of Lisa's wardrobe, her room is nearly done. I still have to cover that floor lamp and make-over an armchair, and memory board aswell. Hoping it will be all done by the end of next week!

So have a great week end everyone! take care, Maryann

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lisa's bedroom ~sneak peak~

I have just finished painting Lisa's room. It was green before (as this used to be the boys' room)
and have now painted it the softest romantic pink.. I just love it. Just don't ask me what it's called as it's my own concoction of 3 different whites and 3 different pinks, I just kept mixing till I got the colour I wanted.

The lamp you see there is waiting for its makeover, and I have just put in Lisa's new bed (still waiting for a mattress)  It has the same design at the foot of the bed aswell. We purchased this exactly a year ago so we were both anxious to get it out of the box..  we love it and actually were fighting for it but, ok... I let her have it!!

I've also started painting her furniture as you can see

This wardrobe is nearly finished just putting on the last coat today.. then can start on her drawers.
Hopefully it won't take me long to put it all together and you can see the end result. Have a great day, I think the sun may just make an appearance today, fingers crossed!

Take care, Maryann

Saturday, February 6, 2010

You lose....

Didn't get much sleep yesterday. Lisa was sick during the night and had to get up twice with her. Then to top it off the second time I went back to sleep all I could hear was Fred's snoring.... what does a girl have to do to get some sleep!  Anyways, what I am getting too is I was so tired this morning I forgot to get up early to go to a garage sale that was just down the road.
Well, Fred ended up going to this garage sale on his way to the hardware this morning and what did he find? Only something that I've been on the look out for! You have to be kidding! I have been after a vintage desk or table that I can put my computer on and they had one, the only thing is, it was SOLD! I tell you, if my leg was long enough I would have given myself a kick up the booty!!! Well you know the saying.. you snooze, you lose!

Last week though I did go to a garage sale and found this shelving cabinet..

I think it will look really nice in the laundry or perhaps it could hold some of my sewing bits and bobs... ofcourse like everything else it will get a shabby makeover.. so stay tuned.  Ok ladies, hope you have all been well, have a great week end, Maryann  ps. Lisa was much better the next morning (nothing worse than when the kids are sick)


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