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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

HELP!!! what a mess..!

Hi girls, sorry for not posting or visiting lately but this is why...

If you would like to recreate this look simply place an industrial fan at your front door, make sure it';s open ofcourse and sprinkle 40 kgs of flour infront of it!! wha la!

Jokes aside, I cannot tell you what I have been through these last couple of weeks. We have been gyprocking. Hubby and I took on the job, with the help of relo's too, and what a big mistake! A job that would have only taken the pros' 4 days took us 3 wks and the mess is unbelievable. Hubby was SUPPOSED to block off the rest of the house but somehow it didn;t happen and now I have dust everywhere. Carol, if you are reading this, no I am not coping with the dust at all! It has been a totally depressing experience and have a heart attack everytime someone comes over,  but on the upside its nearly done, just a few going overs in the lounge room.

Yesterday I started undercoating and is starting to look a bit better.  I am thinking of colours now, as I have decided to get rid of the yellow (as much as I love it) and probably will end up painting it and the rest of the entire house 'Barrister white" by dulux, which is a bit darker than my white furniture.. Still can't decide whether to give James' room a blue feature wall...will have to decide soon though.

Unfortunately my sewing has come go a grinding halt, no way can I sew in this mess!

 Ok better go .. keep well and hopefully next post will have some nicer pics!!!! Have a great day, Maryann


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