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Monday, March 14, 2011

giveaway winner..!

Firstly I want to thank all of you who entered my giveaway and for all your lovely comments. I want to say a big hello to all my new followers ! If I had a magic wand I would send out one of these quilts to each and every one of you.. but unfortunately I only have one to giveaway.

I decided to draw this the old fashioned way and let Lisa pick out the lucky number from a bowl.

And the winner is...

.... the number didn't come out very clear but it says no. 250....

which in other words means that the winner is....

ELIZABETH  from Home is where the Heart is !!!!!!

Congratulations Elizabeth, if you would like to contact me with your details I can ship this out to you!
bye for now girls and take care, Maryann...

 just on a side note... I'm sure you've all heard about the devastation in Japan. My heart truly goes out to all those affected. Life is so precious but can be so easily taken away. So many sad things are happening in the world right now...  and we also had an unexpected loss in the family a couple of weeks ago. I for one am truly appreciating everything good in my life right now, my family, my friends, my home, my garden, my blog and even the sun shining on my face to name a few. Life is too short to take anything forgranted.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

pink and green depression glass

Well today's Pink Saturday couldn't suit me better as it's a pink and green theme to celebrate St. Patrick's day! One thing I love collecting is pink and green depression glass and I just love the combination of both these colours!

I have a built in glass cabinet at the end of my kitchen cabinets and this is where I display them.

I find the pink glass is harder to find than green so I get really excited when I come across a piece.

I love the delicate pattern on the pink plate in the background.
While we're on the pink theme, here is a set of dessert bowls and a divided dish called Miss America. I found these at Vinnies.
and I just had to show you a pretty painting and mosaic tiled 'plate' all in pink with green tiles by non other than Gail McCormack -her link can be found on my side bar. 
Today I'm joining Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for Pink Saturday.. thanks Beverly!
AND don't forget to enter my giveaway if this is your first time here... just 2 days to go! Good luck to everyone.. winner will be drawn either by or the old fashioned way..i.e. drawn out of a hat!
take care, Maryann

Saturday, March 5, 2011

pink serviettes for pink saturday...

I purchased these serviettes from an antique/vintage store a while ago now but the minute I saw them I knew I just had to have them. 
They are bordered in pink with the daintiest pink roses!

I have them on display on my tea trolley.
I had also painted up a cane basket in which I keep some mags, flowers that I'm not using and some frames waiting to find a spot.

and yes, my last photo is of my fireplace AGAIN..... I went to house warehouse and came across these birds which I thought would look perfect! I think I'm getting close to how I want it.. haha!
Just can't help myself! Ok girls, have a great week end.. I'm linking up with Beverly at How sweet the sound for Pink Saturday....take care, Maryann


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