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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Renovation update..

Hi girls, just a quick post, didn't think I was going to have time but managed to take a couple of snaps of my bedroom and family room where you go into the new extension part.  We have come across another hurdle, ofcourse! They no longer make my timber flooring. I have enough left over from before to probably do the hallway. Hubby suggested carpet but I really don't want to have to vacuum and wash out stains. Been there, done that, and living where I do it's very easy to bring dirt in.  So now I have the tedious task of trying to match something up. So for now we still moved my bedroom furniture into my new room and I love it. I have so much room now compared to before. I really haven't set it up properly as I will wait to do the flooring first before I do that. I'll show more pics then, so for now this is what it looks like...

and this is where the window used to be facing the front of the house, which was removed and an entry way was made into the new part of the house.,don't mind the flying saucer hanging from the ceiling, thats the old ugly light fitting there used to be, that will be coming off as soon as I can decide which one to replace it with.

Not sure if it will stay like this but for now I think it will do. You can see my cabinet full of fabric!  I have been very busy, painting and cleaning and the house is starting to feel like a home again. You can see the yellow is now gone too!
Well girls just want to wish you all a wonderful and safe Christmas. Hope you have lots of fun and pressies and may 2010 be a good one!   Take care, thanks for visiting me, Maryann 


Antique Rose Designs said...

Hi Maryann the renovations look fantastic you must be happy that it's all coming together now. Have a great christmas. Carol

Sandra~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Hi Maryann, Oh I can see you are coming along, and it certainly is looking very sweet. YOu have very nice things and I know when it gets closer to completion it's going to look Grand! Did I say completion I don't think that even exist when decorating, but you know what I mean.

Happy Holidays-

our shabby cottage said...

Hi Maryann, just popping in to say Happy Christmas to you and your family. I hope it is a fun and safe time for you all, Kathryn. XX
P.S. your renovations are looking wonderful. I hope you can sort out your flooring - the existing flooring is really beautiful.

Siobhan said...


Merry Christmas! :)

Siobhan said...

WOW, its looking good Maryann!!!

Hope you had a lovely Christmas and all the very best in the New Year!

Siobhan xo

loscoloresdesole said...

Hola!!es la primera vez que veo tu blog y la verdad me encantó parece que tienes un gusto privilegiado... te dejo mis cariños desde Uruguay y espero volver pronto...Sole=)


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