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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

keeping busy

My latest creation.. I love shabby.. cushion. Thought I'd do something different and add some embroidered wording to the front. What better way to express what we love. I've made another one for myself and will put it in the hall way (once its built!) so all my visitors will know what my decorating style is all about, for those who still aren't sure. I've had my childrens' grown up friends comment on how my house looked like a fairy tale house, something out of a story book, one said he thought he'd walked into heaven (because of all the white) and another said he "was home" which I all take as a great compliment. Funny though as my house is no where near how I want it.
For now though my cushion sits on my bed and when hubby saw it he said" it should say I love Freddy not I love shabby" lol... might have to make another one. This cushion is on ebay tonight.
I've had a few projects going this past week I had an order for a ballerina wall hanging, so I decided to make 2 so I could put one ebay, but I'm not sure if it will even make it that far. These are just the tops as I'm still waiting on some wadding. Will post some pics when they're done. I also still need to add some loops to the top and get a rod for it with some ribbon to hang it.

Also made a silk lamp with an organza frill for another lovely lady. I was so delighted when she decided to ring me to tell me how happy she was with it... just makes what I do so worth while.

I've had quite a large order come in so I will try to do my best to also make some other pretties to list on ebay, so take care ... bye for now, Maryann~

Monday, June 29, 2009

My home & me

Well, yesterday was my mother in laws 80th birthday (God bless her) so just before we left home I told Lisa to take a pic of me to post on my blog. Now for me to do that is a big thing as I absolutely loath taking photos! I am the most unphotogenic person there is! But I think its nice to put a face behind a name. Well she probably took about 15 photos all of which I hate bar this one, which she herself took with one arm outstreched and quickly snapped it. If she knows I posted this one she'll probably kill me as its not a very good one of her!! poor thing, I'll post some better ones of her and the boys next time...
I've heard nothing from council as yet re my house... what a joke its already been 10 weeks in council.. I hope I'll still be alive when approval comes through! Anyway I thought I'd post some pics I took last spring of my humble home. There is not much front garden, I am hoping to get stuck into this this spring. My extension will be in front of the 2 big windows and will have a front door in the middle with 2 narrow floor length windows either side. I am hoping to find some shutters to add either side of each window.
Then I will have a verandah going right across the front.
This top picture is the front verandah I have at the moment, it doesn't really get used much but when the extension is finished I will hit hubby with another project as I would really love to turn this into a sunroom /sewing room,, notice how I said when the extension is finished. After 21 years of marriage I've learnt not to overwhelm him with all my ideas at once!

This next pic is of the side garden which has a winding path from front to back, its about 10 metres wide by 10 mtrs long. I love this side of the garden as on a hot day its very cool under the big old trees.

Well thats it for today, come spring when everything comes to life again ( including me) I'll take some more recent ones. Bye for now, take care, Maryann~

Thursday, June 11, 2009

thank God the sun is out..

We've had a nice couple of sunny days lately even if it is freezzzzing cooold! I have been working on a couple of orders.. just finished a ballerina quilt for a lovely lady and am working on a lamp for another lady which should be finished soon, so hopefully I can make some other things to put on ebay. On the weekend I managed to work in the vegie patch a bit. Its in the back part of the yard so for now I've just got rope going around it till we do the fence to keep prancer ( our pony), out otherwise she'd have a field day!!

At the moment I've got silverbeet, leeks, beetroot, lettuce, peas, snowpeas planted. So I planted some broad beans and chick peas and also some more shallots. I just love my vegie patch as I get such a kick when I go to cut them to use for dinner. I also find it very relaxing and theraputical even if I am digging and weeding. Hubby and I only made this vegie patch last Xmas as it was one of the things on my 'to do list'... I love it even more when I go to the supermarket and don't have to worry about buying the vegies I already have planted.. saves a little money too as all these vegies were planted from seed. If you've never grown your own vegies I can tell you there is nothing like home grown!!

Well last week I had some visitors in the backyard, one of the quirks of living where I do and for 2 weeks running the local kangaroos came to visit every morning and afternoon. This particular day it was raining (actually it had been raining on and off for about 10 days) but I took the shots anyway hoping to take some better ones the next day, ofcourse they didn't turn up and haven't since then, they must have known I'd be waiting... lol!

Well better go and put our fire on as I can't believe how cold it is, had to put a thick jacket on just to hang up the clothes......Take care! Maryann


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