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Saturday, October 3, 2009


All this week my daughter Lisa had work placement as part of her hospitality subject at school. She was doing it at a local retirement home and her job was the kitchen side of it ofcourse, peeling vegies, washing up etc. Today at dinner she was telling me and hubby how a lot of them have dementia and some of the happenings there. For example one elderly gentleman every day goes up to the manager and asks her for his key to his door when it's always hanging on a string around his neck. We were feeling quite sorry and compassionate about it all.
Anyway she has decided that hospitality is not her thing and says " well if there's one thing I've learnt from this is that there is no way I will let you end up in a retirement home!" Fred and I both looked at her in amazement and with such pride!
Fred says " so, does that mean you'll look after us?" "No.. James will" she replied. Kids!!!Gotta love'em.

ps James is my youngest (11 yr old)


Siobhan said...

Hi Marion,

Nice to see you blogging! I have noticed your work on eBay in the past and always admired it, you do such lovely work.

My step mothers parents both have dementia and it is really very sad. Her Mother continues to ask for her Mum who passed away over 30yrs ago. It really is a horrible disease.

Thats very funny about your daughter lol.

Siobhan :)

Antique Rose Designs said...

lol kids say the funniest things sometimes. Take care Carol


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