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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

an angel in my garden...

I have always loved statues in the garden. They give such an ambience and add interest to an otherwise boring spot. Every time I go to a garden centre I always check them out but the prices are pretty much out of my price range, especially for the larger ones.

As luck would have it last week Lisa wanted me to take her looking for a particular clothes shop in the direction I don't normally head in. I don't know why I don't go that way.. perhaps because it's in the opposite direction of the shops I normally go to. Mind you we never found the shop she was looking for but on the way home I decided to make a quick stop at 'the old pot factory' in mittagong as it had a huge sale sign on the front.  I had only been to this place once before and I remembered it sold heaps of pots..and I'm after 7 of them!

Well... forget about the pots..! they were still too expensive anyway even with 50% off. There was so much other eye candy in there, I was more interested in the statues and fountains and garden arches! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw 70% off some of the garden statues.  So after a little deliberating and a lot of sucking up to Fred I ended up getting 2 .. and the price if you're wondering... from $500 for a set of statue and plinth down to $150..  I think all my birthdays and Christmas's came at once last week!

I put some roses in the angels hands...

I made a rose wreath for the maiden with some fake flowers but I think they are too big, but for now they will do....

I couldn't pick between the angel and the maiden so they both came home with  me! They are not concrete but are made of a heavy type resin but that's ok..I'm not fussy. They were selling like hotcakes as when we went back to pick them up they had sold stickers everywhere. Funny how I just happened to be there that day, thanks to Lisa!!

take care girls, Maryann


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