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Thursday, April 21, 2011

where the bloody hell ar'ya?..and ballerina and bows cushions..

Ok, I'll be honest..maybe I shouldn't.. but I think I will.

I've been avoiding.. my blog...leaving my house...the gardening. I've been feeling pretty 'blah' lately.. if you know what I mean. (now she decides to feel blah, say my new followers!) I seem to have lost my mojo for everything these last few weeks.. and I don't know why. But I think I am on the mend now so thank goodness for that!

I did manage to make these cushions for the most wonderful and very patient  lady named Linda from the USA. She described what she wanted and here they are....

The ends of the bows were gathered up a little to give a swag effect.

and here are some smaller cushions to compliment the larger one..

as you can see she loves ballerina's...and yes.. they are for her. I can't believe they are going all the way to the USA to grace her bedroom and as you can see she just adores pink!!

At the moment I am trying to organise Lisa's 18th birthday party which is on the 30th. She is having a country & western theme. She has the cutest little cowgirl outfit.. and as for me I was going to be Calamity Jane, but it just wasn't me.. I looked like I was in my pj's! So we decided in the end that I would dress up as a 'madam'!!!!!!
My dress is purple and black with a matching feathery thingy as a shawl,(forget what it's called) black lace gloves and a feather in my hair! Yep, I sure must have been crazy at the time, and am tempted to ring up and cancel the outfit but Lisa reckons I look 'awesome'.... and...and... all her friends' parents dress up.... so I HAVE to.... even if I am going to look like a slut. Yes, don't worry I'll post some pics and degrade myself.

Anyhoo... believe it or not she wants a tinkerbell cake.. something along the lines of this...

In a previous life (or so it feels that way) I used to make cakes as a hobby and even took out 2nd prize at an Easter Show once.. but that was about 14 yrs ago so I'm not sure if I've still 'got it'.

Ok.. I think I'll go now.. atleast you all know I'm still alive and kicking.
take care, Maryann


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