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Monday, December 21, 2009

Copyright!! and what would you do????

If you don't already know, I love to sew. One of my favorite things to do is to create something new. I LOVE the CHALLENGE of coming up with something never seen before, not even in the shops!!  WELL!  that was until I went shopping last week and happened to walk past 'Bed Bath & Table', a linen shop. Before my very eyes, there in the window display, smack in the middle of the bed was a cushion, or the design of a cushion I created 4 yrs ago!!  Here's a pic of the one I'm talking about..

It's basically is a very simple design with a gathered piece of fabric at the front either with a diamonte buckle or piece of fabric to gather it in the centre making it look like a bow attached to the front. Well this is what I saw, different fabric ofcourse, but instead of the diamonte buckle it has a small piece of fabric like a tie, so to speak. I have used this design also on other things like xmas stockings....

and also on lamps....

So after staring at that cushion in the display for about a minute I was feeling quite p...d off! That's my cushion I said to James!! Ever since then I haven't been able to stop thinking about it.. was it just co-incidence that some one has come up with the same idea? I know it can happen. Or has someone just outright copied me? They could have seen my pics on my 'me' page on ebay.I am no expert on copyright but I know anyone who creates something new is automatically covered.  It has been playing on my mind to find out who created this cushion and let them know they have pinched my design, if for no other reason than to let them know that I KNOW!  It's not always easy, coming up with new ideas as anyone who loves to create would know. Or am I making a big deal out of nothing?? After all I'm just a housewife ..WHAT WOULD YOU DO?????????  take care, Maryann 


Vicki said...

hmmm hard to say as we have been copied....(Hubby and I had The Silver Teapot Moss Vale) part of me would wanna find out but to be honest i have found it better to smile to myself and wish them luck.. and have faith in that i can constantly recreate (as you can with your amazing talent)it also may just be that they have done it without realising...
hope you feel better about it soon
Vic xxxx

Vicki said...

hi again
i noticed I actually have a simliar lamp fabric...(see my blog April 10, 2009 it took over a year as i was busy with the cafe but i finished it early this year) on my lamp at home (your scrolly lamp but mine is wooden based) put flowers and crystals on mine for bling.... you have amazing taste!!!

Gail McCormack said...

Very hard!
People say you should take it as a complement! Bit hard to do I think.
I bet the workmanship and quality is no-where close to yours.
I really don't think there's anything you can do about it.
Sad but true, having anything reproduced/copied in certain Countries is so easy and so very cheap at the moment

Never mind

Have a Lovely Christmas and a Very Happy New Year to you and your family

ox Gail

our shabby cottage said...

Hi Maryanne, It's a hard one, but I too have created a cushion exactly like this one YEARS ago too. It is a fairly widely used design which I have seen in Laura Ashley which they have been using for years too - with diamente buckle. I think it is just a coincidence - great minds think alike perhaps? Now, if they had done a cushion like the ballerina one behind it then that would be a different story!

The Shabby Cottage said...

Maryann as much as you don't like the fact that someone may have copied your cushion design I do believe that this sort of thing happens all the time. Not much you can do about it I would say. Just makes you more creative to think of the next design. Have a wonderful Christmas. Sandy

Tulip~Rose Quilt Shoppe said...

Hi Maryann..

I have read this post a couple of times and wondered whether I should comment or not.
Let me explain!
I actually bought this EXACT same cushion pattern with the diamente buckle from a quilt shop a few years ago and I have been making them to give to family and friends..I even considered making some for eBay and my website but I was concerned that I would be infringing the copyright as this was a properly printed pattern by a company that had quite a few patterns in their range....

I had no idea that you made these cushions too and I don't want you to think that I have copied you in any way, but in fact I used a printed pattern to make them.

I suppose when I read this post I goodness if you see my cushions on my website you would be p...ed off at me thinking that I had copied you! I just wanted to let you know that I am not, I LOVE your creations...and would never copy someone else's work!
If you want more me

Indigo Blue said...

I found you via tuliprose. I have found one or two things on hamdmade blogs that I know have been copied because the fact that I have made up my own patterns, the timing of their showing 2theirm makes" and that I can trace them through my livefeed traffic has annoyed me. However, I also know that if I put something on my blog I am lwtting myslef open to this. If I think that they are making money out of me then I will certainly say something. Especially if they are using a site such as Ebay or Etsy to do this. So far I have just thought blast and make it clear within the body of any post that it is my design and do not pinch it for profit but be inspired to make your own version. Do not beat yourself up over this you have not done anything wrong and to be honest very few designs are uniques, but have been derived from an earlier version/inspiration.


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