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Thursday, August 20, 2009

My forever changing home...

I thought I would do a quick post about my home.. which is forever changing. It's forever changing because it's no where near how I would like it to be. I had planned to wait till it was all done before I started posting pics, but thought ' what the heck ' so you can see the transformations as I go along.
I still haven't put up my light fittings in most of my rooms (even though I have them all) except for the dining room. I just love my cherub chandelier!! Would you believe I found this at a garage sale! This is actually made of bronze but of course, gave it the white makeover. After I purchased this, I had seen one in a lighting shop for around $350.. you know how much I got it for.?....... $20!! My heart skipped a beat when hubby, who actually saw if first, lifted it out of the box and I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the cherubs and the pink glass beaded thingies,, just can't remember what they're called! That timber table is also going, hopefully I can use it on a pergola as it has a terracotta tiled top and raffia seats. I had purchased that for my other house when I was all into that blue and terracotta look. I have another vintage dining table sitting in the garage for the last 2 years just waiting to be made over and still haven't got round to it..
I love my kitchen, which we put in about 5 years ago, I think the pink blind will be going and replacing with something white. I have a white scrolly light fitting, which stupid me asked hubby to unwire so I could use it as a candle holder, now I want it rewired so I can put that in my kitchen. If you look closely in the pic where my green table is on the veranda you can see it hanging in the background. My ceilings are not high, so that is my only concern, will I be making the ceiling look lower? I know it would look great though! My walls at the moment are painted a pale yellow, by dulux called 'seduction'.. what a name! hey hey! Probably why I picked it! jokes aside.. I picked it before I fell in love with the shabby look.. so that will be changing too, probably to a creamy white as I love the look of white on white.
I find that I like different styles of decorating.. not just shabby chic, even though its my favourite! I definately love the pastel colours and a nice and light, fresh look! I also love the french inspired look, with all the scrolly metal and fancy furniture.. I am hoping to incorporate some of this in my formal lounge.. am thinking all white with gold accents and perhaps touches of blue. No pink for this room. I also like the shabby cottage look... so am thinking of doing this in my bedroom. So as you can see I like quite a number of different looks and this will probably show in my home when its done....can't, can't wait! They say good things come to those who wait and I have waited 8 years so I am expecting super great things.. lol!!
At the bottom of my blog I have posted a slideshow of parts of my home so far, so this will be changing as I go along. I have to say since I started blogging I have come across some wonderful pics of houses and rooms that have definately helped me realise what I really like!! thanks ladies, your pics are truly inspiring!! take care and have a lovely week ahead, Maryann

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Saturday finds..

One of my favourite things to do is treasure hunting! I go to garage sales, markets whenever possible, vinnies, etc etc... Sometimes I don't find anything, which is really disappointing, sometimes I might find one or two things, which is really good and sometimes you hit the jackpot.

Well I think this week I hit the jackpot... I managed to get all sorts of things.. I found these gorgeous trios .. I have a fetish for trios and have them everywhere. A very nice lamp and these are sitting on a lovely shaped plant stand which I think I may use as a little table to go with 2 french scrolly boudoir chairs that I already have.. to sit on my front verandah when its built. I also found more crockery some of which will go on ebay. I just love the other garden stand they are sitting on and I will also be painting this white eventually and am thinking of using this in my dining room as a phone table or it might even go in my lounge room when its built with a beautiful big old fashioned fern on it .. will have to wait and see. I just love anything iron and scrolly and even if they are meant for outside doesn't mean I can't enjoy them inside!

This next find is a brass frame which was originally a mirror. I fell in love with this instantly and will go in Lisa's bedroom when its finished. Its going to be a memory board. She's been wanting one for a while, so we were very happy when we found it. It will also be painted white with some pretty ticking fabric for the board.

I also found this scrolly phone table/stool. I just love it! Can't wait to do it up but for now will have to wait as this will be going in my hallway. The pretty little brass mirror is also for Lisa. She's been eyeing my one that I have in my bedroom, which is bigger than this one, so she was very happy when we found another. Also found a vintage metal hat box. I was thinking of painting this pink and having it open with scarves, gloves spilling over.. Lisa suggested to use it as a planter box with pretty flowers in it for the garden. Not a bad idea either, I suppose it depends on how well it turns out.

I was also lucky enough to find this boudoir chair! I have always wanted one. The fabric ofcourse will have to go. I'm not sure yet whether to get it professionally reupholstered or just make a slip cover myself. This will definately be going in my bedroom!!

I managed to make this ballerina bag as well for an order. Turned out really sweet. Will be making another one soon to put on ebay.

When I make over all my finds will post some pics so you can see them finished but it may not be for a while as some will have to wait till my extensions are done, so for now I have to find more space to store them in and that is not an easy task! Ok back to sewing... take care, Maryann


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