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Friday, June 28, 2013

another pink house...

When I came across this house for sale my heart skipped a beat! I love the look of this house and to top it off it was pink! I really admire anyone who has the guts to paint the exterior of their home that colour. I mean I LOVE pink, but even I'm not sure I could do it, not to mention the battle I would have with Fred.

be still my heart!!!!!!!!

              even a gorgeous terrace with fantastic views.. she sits up high on razorback mountain..

                                                               love this kitchen...

well the owner is definately not afraid of colour, especially PINK!~

she sits on 6.5 acres and costs $1.1 mil...
must make note..... BUY LOTTERY TICKET!

take care, Maryann

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

dream house #2 stunning homestead in a delightful country setting..

Well I don't know about you but I love going on the real estate websites and seeing what's for sale around my area (especially when next doors dogs have kept me up half the night!) 
Anywaaaay....     I did come across a couple of houses that I just had to show you. For now I will show you one as there are lots of pics, that I'm sure you will love.
Circa 1860 this house is just up the road from me.. well next suburb and I would buy in a heart beat if I had the $$$$$$

love a nice entry

there are many houses with this facade around this area but this one looks like it has been extended has 5 bedrooms and 5 marble fireplaces..

gorgeous entry.. love the arch and high panelled ceilings ofcourse..

wow! I would live in this room... it is so bright and airy..

lovely study.. not my colours but quite appropriate for a gentleman..

I think this bedroom is just lovely and so serene.. I love the colour but would put something above the bed for sure..

bathroom is a bit too modern for me.. I would have liked to have seen a claw foot bath in here..

Main bedroom.. love the bed, fireplace and mirror!

and a parents retreat too!

kitchen is very farmhouse to me and even though I like it's simplicity I think for this house I would update the cabinet doors at the very least.. love the little table in the middle though...

I would love me one of these where I live now!

well I hope you enjoyed the tour. It sits on 20 acres and is for sale for $1.9 million.
Just goes to show you that no matter how much you spend on a house there is always something you will want to change to make it your own!
bye for now.. Maryan

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

some more finds... for my frenchy lounge room..

I know one day my lounge room will be finished.... but for now I wanted to show you a few more things I came across for this room. Firstly was this coffee table .. I will be painting the base white.. I do already have a timber queen anne coffee table but for $5 I couldn't pass it up!

and I was so excited to come across these..

I have been on the look out for a bust so when I found two I was over the moon.. they also have touches of gold which will go with the look in this room. They are still as I found them so I need to clean them up a  bit. I couldn't pass up the brass and mother of pearl cross. I have never seen one like this.

 on another note.. all the trees on the side of my house have been chopped and I have a massive job ahead of me fixing up the gardens.. I have planted nearly 400 bulbs and just have a few more bluebells to go..
have a great day ladies... Maryann


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