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Sunday, April 10, 2016

pink shaggy rug...

It's funny how just one new (or not so new) element can make a difference to a room.  One of my most favourite rooms in my house would have to be my bedroom because I have tried to give it that shabby vintage feel that I love so much.

So when my sister offered me a pink rug that she used to have in her prior home I was quite happy to take it off her hands.

I knew that it would look good in my bedroom but it ended up looking much nicer than I expected and the fact that it was used and a little worn was a bonus and added to the feel of the room.

My room is nearly finished but I need to add more details to the wall behind my bed and I need to paint the chest of drawers but it's getting there.

                                                      take care, Maryann xx


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