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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

how I dressed my dressing table...

 It is so much fun having a dressing table.. sometimes I change a few things but here is what it's like now.
I came across the sweetest vintage doilies that made such a difference and added some pink themed perfumes.

Even if you don't have a dressing table as such you could easily compromise with a chest of drawers by putting a pretty free standing mirror on top surrounded with all your accessories!
take care, Maryann

Sunday, October 26, 2014

my best garage sale finds yet...

Hi girls, well yesterday I ended up going to a couple of garage sales.  Lucky for me I did as I was contemplating (whilst still in bed) not to go and just laze a bit .. but something told me to get my butt out of bed.
So to get straight to it this is what I found...

a beautiful pink velvet french provincial lounge! It also came with 2 boudoir chairs that aren't shown here.
AND this...

 a beautifully carved mirror with columns roses and leaves. I've only shown the top section here as we had to put it in between some boxes to keep it upright. It is a huge mirror that is straight at the bottom so I can sit this flush on my fireplace surround.

I am so happy because now I can finish my lounge room. You may remember I had purchased a vintage lounge that needed reupholstering but that never happened and is still sitting in the shed. So I will be selling that one and using this one instead. 
Of course all my plans for a blue with gold accents are no longer.. as I will be replacing the blue with pink. I'm not really loving the timber trim so I might have to paint it.. still deciding what colour to use against the dusty pink.. I might start with the smaller chairs first to experiment.
It may take a little while as I need to empty my lounge room now as I had started using it as my sewing/store room for my ebay store...
take care, Maryann  


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