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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lisa's cake, Autumn and a bit of bling..

Hi girls, if you read my previous post you'll know that I was going to make Lisa's 18th birthday cake. Just scroll down if you want to see my inspiration photos.

About half way through I was beginning to regret my decision as I had to make 3 round cakes, which were sliced in half and sandwiched together with a chocolate fudge icing and then all 3 iced together to make a tower. I then cut out the whole thing into a dome shape and cut out a centre hole to insert tinkerbell (which was wrapped in cling wrap).  Phew.. just thinking about it is making me tired again. Oh well, I had to finish what I started and here is my finished version....

Her skirt was all made from a sugar paste that you can buy premade from the supermarket and it's just like using plasticine! 

I even used it to make the flowers which was a first for me as normally I would use a different sugar paste so the flowers hold there shape better. I have to say though it turned out better than I expected and either way it was going to do!

I will post pics of her party once I get them from my nephew as he took all the photos and his camera was taken by mistake, so once he gets it back I can post some for you. All I can say is I had a lot of fun dressing up and alot of people got right into it too!!

Well, we are well and truly into Autumn here in Aussie land. It's gets pretty cold at night now (especially where I live) and we have been using the fireplace for a couple of weeks now. Nearly all the leaves have fallen from the trees...

and thank goodness for that as I don't think I can take Fred's whinging about how messy it all looks for much longer!! lol! Personally I don't mind all the leaves on the ground.. it's just part of the season but he likes the yard to look neat.
 Before I go thought I'd show you what I found a couple of weeks ago... I think it will look great in my hallway once it's up... which may take a while as it didn't have any connecting parts, so Fred will have to conjure something up!

Ok have to go... hope you've all been well, take care, Maryann


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