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Sunday, September 27, 2009

week end project..

Yes, we've finally started! The builder came the next day and got stuck right into it. Pier holes were dug, using a jackhammer as I have a lot of stone, and I tell you that jackhammer was music to my ears!! lol! Cement was poured and bricks were laid. Tomorrow the builder should start on bearers and joists and then the floor. Its all happening, timber for the frame was delivered and I think I am really starting to get excited now. This weekend I started a project that has been on my list since forever. At the lower part of my driveway just where my hedges finish is a part where it opens up onto grass, see pic below. Now its not a pretty site as there is an old wall which was part of a very old house that used to be on this land a long long time ago. We kept the wall and never did anything with it but we had the dog kennel sitting just infront of it and I have like a potting area behind it. Everytime I used to drive down I used to think... gee how I hate this corner! Well this weekend I finally did something about it. I got hubby to help me move the kennel behind the wall so its hidden when you drive in. Now for this wall??? what to do? then it hit me... I have always liked the french courtyard theme, with terracotta pots, shutters, grapevines etc. This is the before photo, and soon I will post the after. Now the after won't be completely finished as I need to lay some pavers where the grass hasn't grown but I have already decorated the wall, and painted some old shutters that I have had for ages.
But for inspiration I found some pics I thought you might like to see...

Love the fountain in this one and the arched windows,, shutters above..

Pretty pots of colour and cafe style seating, loving the cremes in this.

Love the water feature and scrolly chairs and urns..

Love the trailing ivy and gorgeous blue door.. hopefully if the wind dies down tomorrow as we are having shocking gale force winds here, I will post some pics of my little french courtyard.. to be continued... take care, Maryann

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Not happy Jan!.....

Well today is the 23rd of Sept and our builder was supposed to start on the 21st. I knew there was a chance he may start on the 22nd as he had to go overseas for 2 wks and may have a bit of jet lag. But he called up on the 22nd and said he was sick! Now I know through experience that nothing ever goes smoothly when it comes to building but I am so dissappointed I cannot tell you. I hope this is not a sign of things to come... anyways.... below are some pics of how I would like to do the retaining wall in my front yard. As we had to cut into the land we have stepped the soil so it is in 2 sections so I don't have 1 flat wall. I think it looks so much prettier like this. I am also lucky enough to have natural sandstone on my land way down the back amongst the bush. I will be encorporating some steps infront of the house and also either side so you can get up from each angle.

I've been pretty busy sewing and have listed some xmas ballerina stockings on ebay and will be listing some more shabby ones in the next week or so. thought I'd get in early this year since I have a habit of leaving everything till the last minute! Hope you are all well ladies.. take care, Maryann

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What a dream ...!?

Well this is very unlike me to have 2 posts 1 day apart but I just had to tell you about the weirdest dream I had and if I don't do it today I know I will start to forget bits and pieces.

In my dream I went to see Rachel Ashwell!! Yep, weird, wait it gets even better! I also had one of my cushions in my hand. So I entered her house which was only a small (1 room) bottom floor apartment. I went there to see if she would like to go into partnership and tried to commence showing her my cushion!! She seemed to be distracted and only paying a little attention in my opinion. So I kept trying but realised she was too busy with her baby! See, I told you it was weird!

She didn't have the time to dedicate to me and she commenced vaccuming the rug which looked to me liked bubble wrap with pretty flowers printed on it. She vaccumed the top and then the floor underneath it which was cement. Then I noticed that there were 2 men there which I thought were her managers. So I proceeded to speak to one with no luck and then the other, whom after I looked closely at realised it was Dennis Quade (the actor!) Why he entered my dream I don't know, I like the guy but I could have thought of lots of other actors to be in my dream, like Brad Pitt! Anyway they told me basically about it not being possible bla bla bla, can't remember the exact words so I left. Got into my little red car, which in real life I don't have, but found it very hard to drive till I realised there was a pram stuck on one side, so I put my hand out the window to try and get it unstuck, but was extremely hard.

Do you think there is a message in this dream?

I have to let you in on a little secret though. I do have a dream, a vision.....

Apart from the dream of my kids always being happy and healthy, the dream of my house being finished, I also have a dream that one day I will have my own brand of soft furnishings in the shops.... ... I vision myself walking into Target, into the furnishings section and there I can see all my pretty cushions, lamps, quilts etc. with my name on them!! There.. it's out there now! I once saw on Oprah (don't you love her!) a show on dreams I think, and basically if you put all your dreams and hopes as a visual, as pics on a board it helps to send the dream out into the world and helps to make them come true! Well this blog is my board.. for the world to see, to send out the vibes to go where they may! I have thought about doing this post for a while now, but this dream finally pushed me to do it. Even though it may never happen.. like my dream suggests, it's still nice to dream!! Do you have a dream?????????? Have a great dreamy day, Maryann

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Garden surprises...

I love my garden. I picture myself when I'm 70 pottering in the garden with a big floppy hat and pretty gloves planting flowers and seedlings till my heart's content. But for now I have to put in all the hard work. This first pic is of a herb garden I have started underneath this tree. I have found it difficult to grow anything here as the soil is so dry but I have added some clay soil, which holds moisture and a bag of cow manure.. hope this does the trick. I know it doesn't look like much at the moment but I'll take pics again in a few months time. I have planted rosemary, parsley, basil, dill, thyme and mint. This happens to be right underneath my kitchen window so thought it was the ideal spot! I feel so happy when I walk through my garden, especially now that spring has sprung! so many pretty flowers and colours. I also like to decorate my garden by adding the usual ornaments, bird hangers, bird baths, statues etc. But what I like the best is the unexpected..
like this vintage sewing machine...

and this old typewriter. Gee I hope this wasn't one of those garage sale finds that's worth a mint and here I've just thrown it in the garden... oh well!

At the moment I'm on the hunt for some lavender. I didn't realise how many different types there are. I want to make a hedge about 8 metres long where my buxus hedges finish along the driveway. I'm after some with really blue flowers not purple or pink. I was amazed to find at the garden centre white lavender! There are some pretty ones out now called lavender lace. Will let you know what I end up getting, but I don't want to rush into it as I already had a hedge of baby marguerites planted there and pulled them all out as I wasn't happy with them. I ended up planting them elsewhere so they didn't go to waste. Nothing much is happening with my extension at the moment. We have decided to give the job to a builder... HALLELUHA.. to lock up stage then we will finish the inside. Thing is they can't start till the 21st but should have it done in 3-4 wks. Ok gals, keep well, sorry if I haven't visited for a while, Maryann


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