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Friday, August 24, 2012

more vintage finds...

Hi again girls, thought you might like to see what else I grabbed from the swap meet. Apart from the sideboard and mirror I showed you in my last post, I also picked up these.. and I do seem to have a silver thing going on this time..

this is a keeper.. I love the pink inlay and will look good on my dressing table (once I finish it!)

I came across this pair of lanterns and when I purchased them I hadn't planned to keep them. They  are more meant to go in a hallway but I think they'll look really good in my family room. Now all I have to do is get Fred to go in the roof, which he hates!

I just love this silver and glass dressing table set. Aren't the brushes adorable!

I just had to get this pretty pink angel with pink frosted wings... she now sits in lisa's bedroom.

$1 bangle for me..will go nicely with a top I have!

I definately have a thing for cherubs... lol!

Now i'm not into orange or grass green but this jug set just caught my eye.. the colours are more vibrant than in the pics and it's in as new condition.. love the little painted dots at the top of the jug. This will be going on ebay once I get round to it...

I also picked up this vintage scooter to put in the yard.. another to add to my collection of bikes and tricyles.
Not a bad day. I could have picked up so much more but the prices they wanted were not far from shop prices so I really had to search for a bargain. Still I enjoyed the hunt and came home with a few great finds!
HAVE A GREAT DAY!...  Maryann ... and if you're thinking what the hell is happening .. 3 posts in 3 days.. I know, I  can't believe it either!!


tina said...

so many pretties!

Antique Rose Designs said...

Hi Maryann wow you had a great day. I especially love that trinket box. It will look gorgeous on your dresser. Take care Carol

Siobhan said...

GREAT finds! I <3 that dressing table set!!!

Tania, The Old French Doors said...

Thanks for stopping by marion, I love your lanterns they would look amazing in a courtyard, and I love your silver brush set, there just beautiful.

{oc cottage} said...

oh my! so gorgeous!

m ^..^

The Pink Poodle said...

Hi Maryann...LONG time No speak...~~

I don't blog much anymore cos i found facebook...(not too sure what i am doing there either!!)

so forgot about you...silly silly me!!~

love all your goodies...
xx andrea ....


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