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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

thank God it's spring!

Hi girls, I know it's been a while since I posted but about 7 weeks ago my dad went into hospital with pneumonia. He spent 2 weeks in intensive care and another 4 with other complications. I can't tell you it's been nothing short of a roller coaster ride with days of improvements and days of setbacks. He'll be 77 come next month and due to the fact he already has liver cirrhosis, where his liver is only 50% functional, things were pretty much touch and go at times. I spent most of those 6 wks at the hospital going nearly every day, bar a couple, to be there by his side and be available to see the doctors. It was an hours drive there and back and come the end of the day I used to be pretty exhausted. He is on the mend now, or as good as it gets for someone in his condition, and is at home, with the physio guy coming out every second day to give him some therapy to get him walking properly again.

The only thing that used to put a smile on my face through all of this was my garden, the glimpses I would get before I left my house and after when I came home. It was the beginning of spring and I had colour everywhere. I wish I had time to take some photos then as some flowers have come and gone, but I managed to take some now. It's cloudy and a little rainy today and thank God for that as we need the rain or my garden does that's for sure!

At present I'm doing some much needed spring cleaning and yesterday purchased some new ready made curtains from BIG W from all places, for my dining and family rooms. Funnily enough these are EXACTLY what I had envisaged in  my mind. Anyhow..better go clean those windows and blinds first!...will show you once they're up. I just hope they'll look good.... take care girls, Maryann


Susan said...

I am glad your father is doing better! I will keep him in my prayers! I do not know your father, but God knows him and is watching over.

Tania, The Old French Doors said...

Hi marion, Its great your dad is on the mend, I just phemonia just recently myself and it really knocks you around. Your gardens look amazing. It all looks so lush. Our property is so dry and my spring garden wasnt what i was expecting this year with lack of rain up this way. Have you ever been down to Foxglove spires gardens in Tilba Tilba? I think you would love it...
Take care Tania


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