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Thursday, August 16, 2012

tablecoth to cane basket covers..for a wedding..

Hi girls, well my niece is getting married in a couple of weeks and I happened to be at her mum's place the other day when she walks in. She'd just come back from spotlight with some lace and other bits and pieces.  I found out they were going to cover some cane baskets that will hold her church booklets and were also going to try to line a birdcage to use it as a wishing well.

I knew this might be a little tricky for them as they are not sewers, so I offered my help which they accepted gladly.

the lace I used is just a nylon tablecloth from the bargain barn $6! They used these at her kitchen tea which looked very pretty.

it was a little tricky because where the timber handles are I had to leave a split between the inside of the basket and the frill on the outside so it could go over.
I thought it would look nice to add some ribbon to cover the cane that were holding the timber sides. I actually covered two of these.

today I will be working on the birdcage..

this is the lace she purchased. Very pretty..

These past few days have been just lovely. Winter is nearly over and there is new life on the trees. I can feel spring in the air already..hooray!

If your wondering how I'm doing with my diet, all I can say is..who was i kidding!.. thinking I could lose 8 kg in 4 wks. The first week of my diet it was my hubbys birthday, my mum's birthday and my niece's kitchen tea! well that was well thought out wasn't it! Ok so I had some cake....maybe more.. Since then I've bought a couple of things that might help me reach my goal,  but it's definately going to take longer than I thought, but that's another post!

take care girls, Maryann


Shirley said...

Hi Maryann, You have to show a picture of the bird cage when you get it done. We set behind some people from your country at dinner and I loved listening to them talk. We enjoyed talking with them. I like what you have been doing so far. We have had such hot weather this summer. It has cooled down a little. Have a wonderful day. Your Missouri Friend.

tina said...

beautiful work!

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Maryann,
I love the turned out beautifully and the lace is lovely. I like that you covered the handles it really dresses the basket up I think. I can't wait to see the birdcage. You are so talent and creative its always fun to see what you have made.
Have a sweet day, Elizabeth


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