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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

birdcage... come wishing well...

Hi girls, well I finished it.  I had soo much fun turning this birdcage into a wishing well for my niece's wedding.

She wanted me to line the inside bottom half with the lace. The white base you can see in the birdcage above are actually cardboard bases cake makers use to put their cakes on. I still had some left over from my cake decorating days and they were a perfect fit. I used 2 for a little extra weight and covered them in the lace also.

So I cut out a round piece of lace for the bottom and a long rectangle that goes round twice the circumference as I was going for a gathered effect. I basically lined it like you would a bin. I made a hem at the top and threaded through some thin ribbon to gather it and hold it in place.

I put some roses along the top section and bottom section where the swirly bits were and the beading just above and below them.

I grabbed my invitation and cut out her little " DM " symbol which is their initials, David and Marie, added a pretty crystal button for some bling.. you gotta have a touch of bling!

Finished off the top with some large bows from white ribbon and from the lace which I cut into strips and added one large flower to compliment the littles one.
So there you have it. You could really go to town with this sort of thing but I thought this was enough as she is not an 'over the top' sort of gal.

She was very happy with it and with the baskets.. which made me very happy!

take care, Maryann
(sorry about the quality of the pics but you wouldn't believe the trouble I had uploading these.. for some unknown reason!)

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