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Thursday, August 23, 2012

changes in my hallway..

Hi there girls, I've been on the look out for a while now for a nice chest of drawers or sideboard to place in my hallway. Here is what I had before....(just temporarily)

They were  a set of 2 low drawers that were given to me but a couple of weeks ago I went to a swap meet with Fred and guess what..  I found  a nice sideboard with 9 drawers, 3 of which are hidden behind the 2 centre doors.

This was not what I originally had in mind as I was after something more ornate and with 'legs' but when I saw this I liked it. It has plenty of storage and I really like the floral pattern on the centre doors and on the top drawers.

I won't be painting this piece (I don't think) as I quite like the mix of timber with painted pieces. I also found this mirror which I absolutely love..

it has a lovely chippy, rusty patina on it which I will be leaving as is but this again was not what I originally had in mind. I had visioned something more french provincial looking but when I tried this cute mirror above the sideboard I loved it. They are so different in styles but look soo good together!  I love the mix of pink,  golden timber and pale gold.

I also had originally planned to put a whole heap of family photos on the wall above the sideboard but I don't think that will be happening either as I quite like the mirror making a statement on its own.
Maybe a pair of sconces instead would look good, we'll see. Anyway as you can see I have lots of photos sitting on the sideboard all in pretty frames. I am a real sucker for a pretty frame,whether new or old, some still need photos to be put inside them!

So much for sticking to 'my vision', but I really like the look of how it all worked out in the end and if I ever do come across that sideboard I had originally wanted, this one will go nicely in bedroom!

take care, Maryann


Comeca Jones said...

I adore your new piece glad you found what you were lookin for!

Tazas y Cuentos said...

Wonderful sideboard!
And those sweet!
Besos from Argentina and thank you for your visit, Silvina

Margaret said...

Came over to check out your blog. Love it, looking forward to your posts. your new follower,


Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Maryann,
I love your sideboard, I think it looks great in the hallway. I love family photos out also in pretty frames. The mirror is lovley I would have bought it too, I like your idea of putting sconces on either side.
The birdcage turned out beautifully its so romantic and full of charm and perfect for the wedding.
Have a sweet day, Elizabeth


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