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Thursday, August 2, 2012

on a mission...

Hi girls, bet you can't believe your eyes to see another post soo soon after my last one!

Well you see.. I'm on a mission....... to lose some weight.

I've been wanting to go on this mission for the last 18 months...   but it never happened.

I'm either too busy, too tired, too tempted, too unorganised or just plain couldn't be bothered.

but I think the time has come to get off my B'hind and actually do something about it... and I'm even putting it out there for all to see.

firstly I do have a bit of flab under the arms .. so I'm doing alot of these....

but my main offender.. my biggest problem is this...

my muffin top, my waist.. my gut! sometimes by the end of the day my stomach can reach out as far as my boobs.. (yes, hate to admit it)

not to mention  my B'hind! I'm tired of the jingle jangle when I walk...

so what's the plan you may ask?

Well definately no more of this...

or this!

I suppose I could stand infront of the mirror and just wish it away but that sure as hell ain't gonna happen!

No fairy godmother for me.

so the plan is very simple really .. it's just DOING what I KNOW needs to be done..

no more binging
no more procrastinating
no more going to the pantry looking for something to nibble on
no more thinking about food
no more eating food just to get out of something I really don't feel like doing but should be doing
no more eating more past the point of being full
no more making bad decisions

MY GOAL =  TO LOSE 8 - 10 KGS IN 4 WKS ( approx 22lbs)
not  much really.. I have seen people lose way more than this .. so I know it can be done!

So what WILL I be doing..

definately jogging or walking every day for 15 - 30 mins.

eating a healthy breakfast, alternating between eggs of some sort and meusli, i like heart 1, from goodness superfoods which contains barley max. I know oats are the best but I just can't eat  that stuff.

for lunch and dinner I basically have some sort of protein like fish, chicken or meat with salad or veggies. No chips (fries) or bread or pasta and I stop eating when I'm about 80% full.

If I feel like a snack in between it's either a piece of fruit or raw nuts.
I only drink water or fresh 100% juice.
and I definately won't be starving myself, I don't believe in that. 

So that's it and if you're wondering why I want to do this in  4 wks it's because I have 2 weddings to go to early September. Yesterday I went out and bought a new dress and I am determined to look good in it. 

so now that it's out there I hope I don't make a goose out of myself. I started last monday and I have already lost 1 kg! yay, so far so good!

I think it really is in the choices I make. Will I eat that tim tam and feel good in the moment or will I say no and feel good all the time. There is so much information out there about food and nutrition now I really have no excuse.

take care girls, maryann

ps...will keep you posted
( all pics are from


Willow said...

Good luck. I am also on a journey to lose weight, but I have a lot more to lose. It is hard. On my new blog I am going to post every Wednesday on my loss or gains.

Jody and Stan said...

Thanks for sharing this new way of life for you. Good Luck! Thanks for stopping by with your wonderful comment. Have a fun weekend!



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