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Friday, December 7, 2012

kitchen dilemma...

Hi girls, as you may already know I have been trying to frenchify my home and not so much shabby roses anymore.
WELL.....!!!!   just when I thought I had it all sorted out what did I find at spotlight..
                    only the cutest kitchen curtains I'd ever seen in my whole entire life!!

where were these curtains when I needed them! and please excuse the dishes in the sink and teatowel on the door knob.. this wasn't staged.

to try them out I had to use a rod from lisa's bedroom for the bottom half. Luckily I had a hook on one end of the window and a scrolly shelf on the other side... just perfect to see what they'd look like.

I knew if I got these I would be throwing a spanner in the works but these just pulled at my heartstrings and begged me to take them home. So after making sure I could return them, along they came.

I could oh go.. retro right now with pink mixing bowls and drinking straws that I happened to see at Susans (the shop) just earlier that day!

Talk about a headache. I can't decide what to do. So for now they are packed away till I figure it out. The colours are a bit bright so if I keep them I plan to wash them a few times to get a softer, more faded look.

My dilemma is that my kitchen would not go with the adjoining dining room, not unless I put everything back that I had removed. Luckily I still have it all if I decide to go that way. I wish I could stick to one style of decorating throughout my whole house..but I can't, it's just too hard!

I realise now that I love a bit of colour...
As much as I drool over nordic style or all white colour themes out there in bloggy land, I know it's not for me...
and to be totally honest with myself ..removing most of the colour I had in my dining room is now starting to bore me..

but moving on to something else,

my first raspberries for this season...! I was so excited to get so many. I only planted 2 stems last year.. not much to blog about but look how they have multiplied..

and ofcourse I've done my Christmas decorating too and will post some pics of that soon!
take care,


Jeny said...

Wow very beautiful designs. I just love it. Thanks for sharing with us.
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tina said...

so cute and beautiful and romantic designe


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