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Sunday, December 16, 2012


We were on our way to hubby's work xmas party when I heard on the radio. I couldn't believe it, not again, not another senseless massacre.
I literally felt sick in the stomach. I couldn't help but imagine.. what if that had been my daughter trying to save those poor innocent young children? She works in a childcare centre and even though we are across the other side of the world... it was too close to home.

If there is ONE THING that I cannot stand and literally LOATH is the victimisation of children in any shape or form.

My heart weeps for these children and brave teachers who went to their aid.
My heart goes out to their parents, family and friends.

I ask myself why did this happen? It makes me so bloody angry! What triggered this 20yr old to kill his mother?  What son would shoot his mother for no reason? Was she the bitch from hell?  Maybe yes, maybe no.  Either way, I don't care.
Innocent lives should not have been taken.

Unfortunately we live in a world where there is evil amongst the good. I pray to God to help these families get through this tragedy and to give them the strength to carry on.


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