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Friday, December 14, 2012

Vanilla Kipferl...

Thought I'd do a little baking today and I had been wanting to do this biscuit recipe for ages. I tried it the other week and promised myself never to make them again... as they are waaay to yummy to stop at just one....but being Christmas and all ya'know .. you never know who might pop in!
This biscuit is light and has a lovely vanilla and almondy flavour with the sweetness of icing sugar on top. They look so lovely as it looks like snow! Shame it's the middle of summer here!  anyhow...this is what they look like in my book...

now you can follow the above method or...

you can just throw all your ingredients in the mixer like I did.. too easy!

now we're not looking for perfection here.. thank goodness they get dusted with icing sugar!

picked up this cookie jar a couple of weeks ago for just $8.

how fancy do they look in the jar.. nice enough to give as a gift..

I cut the ribbon a little shorter here so you can see the biscuits better.

take care,
ps. I doubled the quantity to fill up the jar.

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Lounging with a Latte said...

They look delicious...thanks for the recipe, I might just make some myself. Your photos are lovely.


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