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Thursday, August 14, 2014

what's in the shop.. August '14

Hi girls, so since reopening my ebay store... Shabby French & Vintage  ( used to have one called The Shabby Boudoir many moons ago) I've been very busy trying to fill it up with lots of pretty and varied things... mostly things which i love and would be very happy to have in my own home. Even though sometimes i think this is my down fall as i find it very hard to purchase something that is not me .. then when I do buy something I totally love .. it's very hard to let it go.. and so it goes..
Anyhow here's a few things in store right now...

I just adore these french poodles!

and will also be listing a new (not new in design) cushion soon as well. I will have 2 of these identical.

Had a bit of a shopping spree last week and have plenty more new things to list.. and ofcourse there were a couple of things that were keepers for sure (especially one) but I'll show you what they were next time.. soon.
take care, Maryann

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Mirka said...

Love this cushion !!!And I found you on FB :-) !It is great !!!


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