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Monday, August 25, 2014

some new keepers...

I did pick up some lovely things on my weekend away with Fred that I have been slowly listing on ebay but there were a couple of things I decided to keep.

a pretty quilt stand .. I just love the shape of this..of course I will be painting it white..

I hadn't intended to keep this but it went so well on my mantle it's now a keeper.

lovely silver plate teapot..nearly didn't get this as it's fairly corroded on top but so glad I did as I just love the shape and intricate design on the feet.

some used ballerina shoes that sit in my room for now..

another crystal perfume bottle.. can't get enough of these..

and last but not least my most favorite item of all out of everything I purchased.. this vintage ballerina clock with dome.
The ballerina and clock are wind up.. and it all works perfectly! I just loved this the minute I saw it. 
I seem to be starting a ballerina theme here and I know I have a ballerina print stashed somewhere in my shed! Will have to go searching for it...
take care, Maryann


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