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Tuesday, April 22, 2014 I love thee...

A few years back I decided to plant a small row of 8 camellias to form a hedge along the fence line on the side where my neighbor has his orchard and where my hedge of buxus ends.

It is so very pretty... but I do have ONE BIG PROBLEM..!

Out of the 8 plants only 2 have really performed well...

I also have a grapevine planted right in the middle, so I have 4 plants either side. 1 each side doing really well, and 3 each side either with stumped growth or practically dead.
yes there are supposed to be 3 camellias there.. above..all there is now are sticks..

I am pretty upset and disappointed with this hedge. I keep picturing how pretty it would look if all 8 camellias were as nice as the one on the right. Why they all grew differently I don't know. I know they copped a battering with the heat last summer but they were struggling before that. I've already replaced a few of these plants and don't want to go out and spend more money on new ones. So, I've taken a few cuttings but I'll have to wait a while before they reach a decent size.

Ahhh.. the joys of gardening.. if any one has any advice I'd love to hear it.

and here is another pretty camellia, on the other side of my garden, that has really dainty pale pink flowers..

I do have a couple more that haven't opened up yet. Ok, I'm off to improve the soil around my half dead camellias and add some water saving pellets, hopefully that will do the trick.

take care, Maryann


Hartwood Roses said...

Hi, Maryann. Here in Virginia, Camellias need relief from the hot sun. I plant mine where they receive morning sun, then shade or dappled sunlight during the hottest part of the day. I wonder if this may be why yours are suffering?

Share my Garden said...

I know that camellias love lots of water in the summer when buds are forming for the following year. They also need leafy, acid soil. That's about the extent of my knowledge! I've got different varieties and find that some are much more vigorous than the others. But I agree with you that they are so lovely that they are worth a bit of effort!

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Maryann,
Me too I love camellias! I have two plants in our new yard the ones I had at the home we sold I had to leave....
I hope to plant more camellias in my new home. The yard needs a lot of work, its on the list of things to do LOL I wonder if we well ever get everything done ( maybe not )
Have a sweet day, Elizabeth
PS I still love and use my blanket everyday...


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