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Monday, April 14, 2014

pretty new quilt..

I don't frequent the shops that often. Apart from grocery shopping I probably only look around homewares shops every 4 to 6 weeks. Which is probably a good thing as I can be a little impulsive with my shopping. Anyhow I had been wanting a couple of white euro shams for my bed for a while so whilst out shopping last week I walked into My House and low and behold I found some. The original price $49.95 each... 'but I think these are on a good special' .. said the sales assistant.. as she checks at the cash register ..only  $18.95.

What about the quilt cover that matches? I yelled out from across the shop.. is that on a good special too? It was marked $229.00 which also included the pillowcases. Holding my breath as she checked... she yells out $75. I'll take it! I couldn't believe my luck to have found something so perfect for a really good price.

The ruffled bedskirt I've had for a while and the round frilly cushion and neck roll I purchased not long ago for $15 each from catchoftheday. I couldn't make them for that price!

It's made of all white cotton and features pin tucking, embroidery, ruching and more. The top of the quilt cover is actually lightly quilted so I can use it on it's own in Summer. With the days now cooling down for Autumn I probably will change it over for something else, but I just had to show you before it gets packed away.

I am still tweaking my room but as usual it's taking longer than I thought. Next on my 'to do' list in here is change out the bedside lamps.
take care, Maryann
ps. if anyone in Aussie is interested the quilt set is called 'Celine'


Pamela Groppe said...

Wow, that was a great bargain. Love the reflection in the mirror too.

Share my Garden said...

What a good buy, Maryann, it's hard to beat white cotton and pintucks! There is a lot of work in it, I wonder if it was made in India?

You say that your husband wants to move houses but you don't say why. Does he want a smaller place with less maintenance? It is interesting to go on the house hunt with you. If your household is anything like mine then he'll tire of the hunting long before you do!


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