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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

my pretty little rose... 'homere'

Well, it's been pretty hot here lately in Aussie Land.. and even though today was cloudy and looked like it could just about rain at any minute, it didn't. I think if I start crying (which I feel like doing if we don't get rain soon) there would be more water on the ground than the spattering we got yesterday.
Anyhow after reading this inspirational post by White Lace Cottage.. I thought I would have a go at making a dried rose heart wreath for myself.
So I went into my garden to see what roses I could use and there she was.. my 'homere' such a pretty dainty rose she is and just perfect for my project.

she is so very vintage looking and beautiful in all of it'stages.. I just love the frilly ruffled way it opens..

I tied them into 3 bunches and hung them to dry on my firescreen.. hopefully she will dry just as pretty..

'Homere' is one of my newest roses and it didn't disappoint.
I do hope it turns out just as nice as the one Anne has created at White Lace soon as it's done I'll post more pics...
take care, Maryann

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