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Thursday, February 20, 2014

a foggy morning and what else is blooming..

I know all I seem to be talking about lately is my garden but there IS a method to my madness. I am preparing for the winter, which is not that far away. So when I'm feeling cold and have had enough with it all in a few months time I can look back on these posts to brighten my day and know my garden will look pretty again.
This morning I woke up to some pretty thick fog...

it was quite magical really.. so misty and eerily peaceful with just the sound of birds calling in the background..

Well, Thelma, which is what I decided to call my scarecrow, is doing her job really well and my previously devoured beans are now filling in again  and are taking over the arch. The cucumbers (on the other side) have taken off too but are not as fast growing..

My pumkin has taken over my veggie patch... and I only have 1 plant..!

near my beans I have basil and behind that, my zucchini plants.

what I picked yesterday and a couple of eggs.. compliments of the girls..

 a great yield of tomatoes.. times it by 10... so over summer all I have been doing is making this, 
yes, lots of pasta sauce. I have been freezing it and hopefully it will see me through winter or just about.. not to mention all the tomatoes I gave away to family and friends.
Now my cucumbers have started I am looking for ways to preserve them.
and here are just a few more flowers from my garden...

Hope you're having a great day where ever you are ..
take care, Maryann


Tania, The Old French Doors said...

The gardens are coming along so well Maryann. They look amazing. Have a great week.

Alicia said...



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