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Thursday, October 3, 2013

some new things for my bedroom..

Hi girls, hope you have all been doing well! Since I last wrote I've added a couple of new things to my bedroom...a couple small and also one BIG thing...
I'll start with the small..
 I picked up these pretty pale green and diamonte earrings for a few dollars at one of those costume jewelry places.. and even though I will probably never wear them, I really liked the vintagey look they had and knew they would look great on my dressing table..

Also got some new picture frames with a gift voucher I still had from last Xmas (would you believe) from Bed, Bath and Table...

I picked ones with blue in them as I have touches of blue in my room along with the pink. I really need to put photos in them .. they've been like this for ages!!

ok, now for the big thing....

 Yep.. I found a new bed. Actually it found me! 
Funny how things happen sometimes as I have been longing to change my 17 yr old bed for a vintage looking one for a while. A friend of ours sent a pic of the bed to my hubby asking if  we knew anyone who wants it. Well I knew someone!  These pics were taken a few days ago and I have already changed some things around trying to make it work.

Now truth be told I wasn't looking for a 4 poster... my room is a good size but it's not massive and I was scared it would cramp the room. Hubby said he could cut it down for me but I thought I'd have a go playing around with it first before we start hacking it!

I already have lace curtains on my windows so at first I only added some roses to each corner... cute.. but I ended taking them down the next day. 

When I set up the pillows, they completely covered the headboard which was a disappointment.  I'm also not sure about the front rail being so close to the chandelier and.... I'm also not sure whether I should get the sander out and totally distress it 'cause it's looking a little too new for me.

 So for the last couple of days I have been ripping my hair out mucking around in this room deciding whether to leave it a 4 poster or not.
Once I have some stuff up on the walls and the final look I'll let you know..
take care,... Maryann xx
ps.. oh yeah and in all that mucking around.... I broke one of my favorite mirrors!! 

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Stephanie Jones said...

Love your stuff! It is so beautiful!!


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