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Friday, October 11, 2013

front and side garden..hardscape finished

Well, I did plan on waiting to show you the front and side garden once all the plants were in but since this may take a little longer than planned I thought I'd show you the hard scape.. all the paving and rocks we put down.  I don't even have the plants to go in yet and I am also waiting for a downpour of rain to soften the soil to make it easier on these poor old bones to dig up the ground and add some compost. I can't even remember when it rained last.

this picture is looking from the back of my house, on the side, looking towards the front yard. We finished the gravel path and took it from the back and joined it up to the front.
the path takes you to my side verandah and down the sandstone steps to where my front rockery, retaining wall is.. Where you can see the pot I would love to do some sort of water feature there...or perhaps a statue..still undecided..
I had planted some pink and white pansies near the steps a while ago and so far they are withstanding all the heat we have had..(already!)
plants need to go in along the front of the verandah and along that dirt part you can see on the left, which is on the higher level..
here is a  better view from the top.. the soil is hard as a rock .. I may have to use the hose to dampen the soil as who knows when it will rain..
and this is the view from the front to the side garden, that mess of a garden on the left(where the yellow pot is) all needs to be dug up too...that's where all the large trees were that we had chopped down. I have so much sunlight on the house now it's wonderful ..I love it.. but so do the weeds unfortunately! I also have another arch waiting to be put up with a couple of yellow climbing roses somewhere along this path, probably right at the very front. Hopefully I can put some plants in soon to add some much needed colour!
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