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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sunny Autumn...

Normally by the end of April I would have already started using our fireplace but not this year. We are having lovely sunny days here and I have been a busy little bee weeding and planting all sorts of bulbs in the garden ready for spring.

When hubby had the week off this is what we worked on.. the last part of our rockery.. hurray it's nearly all done now. The gravel ditch is where we put drainage pipes and we have already started to cover this with more rocks to finish it off.
 We made some steps (that aren't the most professionally done steps) but they will do.. it goes with the look of this house anyway...i.e. if it's perfect it will look out of place! .... and that gym equipment will have to go.. once I finish fixing the gardens the veranda will be next to rearrange..

 here is a view from the back to the front of the house.. I planted some pansies where the garden goes in and we need to do a row of pavers along the top where I will continue the top part of the garden..
since we had to install drainage pipes all down the side path we had to rearrange all the rocks of my garden beds..this is looking from front to back..

from back to front..
this path used to be a dead end and where I had the garden... but since the pipes had to go through here as well it has opened up to the side garden and I can see right through..

ginger.. making the most of the sunny days too..

and just some pics of what's blooming..

my cecil brunner.. just love this little rose. It has the daintiest rose formal when they are just buds and so frilly when fully open.

take care, Maryann

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Jeanette Ann O'Donnell said...

Just popped over from Aitken House and Gardens. You have a very pretty blog. I am just going to have a little tour. I will be following too. :)


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