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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

a weekend away...

Hi girls, well last weekend we ended up going away for a couple of days.. we went to Lake Conjola about 2 hours down the south coast from where we live. We made sure it coincided with a swap meet that hubby and I like going too. These first 3 pics are going through Kangaroo Valley and even though I partially hold my breath going through here, as it has winding roads with steep descents it is an absolutely beautiful place with rolling hills and pretty scenery. Yet, as luck would have it, it decided to rain that day so I couldn't get any great pics.

We stayed in a waterfront cabin which I just loved..

the lake was right in front of us and there was a boardwalk to go right to the edge.. perfect for James' fishing..

we were greeted straight away by the local wildlife...

Lisa and Ryan


yes we were very welcomed...these two were inseparable and ever so friendly..

the next day was just gorgeous so we went for a fish on the boat...
here are some of the houses that are right on the lake ... I would love to own one of these!!!

some are really nice and some are cute 'beach shacks'.. any one would do me..

yep ..we had a very relaxing time .
Sunday came and Fred and I went to the swap meet, unfortunately this is where my camera decided to die.
There were lots of things I loved that were a bit pricey but I did pick up a couple of things and will show you soon.

Soo, bye for now,
take care, Maryann

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