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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Painting my house yellow..Yay!

With the Easter break soon upon us Fred has planned to paint the exterior of our extension to match the rest of the house. Then when that's done it will be up to me to paint all the trims and front door white. I hope it's still going to happen as it's been raining since yesterday! Oh well atleast my grass will start to grow where we had that massive pile of dirt right in front of our house, that came out of the excavations. My garden will be loving it too  as everything was a bit dry as you may have noticed from my garden pics.
this is the original front verandah

Sorry about the messy curtain in the back there, that's my laundry which we haven't painted yet and I just tend to throw everything in there right now. That's another post.
I am also looking forward to starting on the landscaping around the front.. but that may take a while.

Hope y'all have a great day, take care, Maryann

Monday, March 29, 2010

week end finds...

Found some really cool stuff over the week-end. Not a lot, but then again I only tend to go for things that I would put in my home.. should really stop doing that as I am sure I could come home with other finds that I  think other people might like too... Anyway, not sure what I am going to keep out of this lot so some things will be going to my ebay store tonight.
These little jars are keepers. I put them in Lisa's room and she cut some geraniums to put in them. She really loves the brighter pink to add a dramatic splash, compared to the paler toned pinks in her room.

Cute vanity set, I already have another similar so this one will be going.

Came across this trophy. I really loved the shape of it and how it stands on a brown base. Might look good in my french theme lounge room later on, but still can't decide. I also love this litte silver bell with crystal insert at the top. This I'm keeping, (me thinks)

Also found these gorgeous hangers. I have never come across ones so fancy! I think I might have to keep these as I don't think I'll come across them again. Might mount them up on a nice piece of timber or something.

Yep, more little bottles. These are green toned. Do they have a special name? Not sure... but for now they are sitting on my vintage bread box in the kitchen till I figure out if I want to keep them. Decisions, decisions, decisions.... ok better go, making spag bolognese tonight. Easy. I like that.
take care girls, Maryann

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Treasures in my garden...

One of my favourite things to do is work in my garden. Unfortunately I haven't been able to much of that lately. I just love my old established trees that were here when we moved in. I find it so relaxing to take a stroll and check out what's growing well (or not) in my garden. What I also love to do is to add statues or anthing else that tickles my fancy to make it even more interesting. So I thought I'd give you a bit of a tour and just warn you there are heaps of photos! ....

I hope you liked my tour.. just wanted to take some pics before autumn really sets in.  Leaves have already started falling from my trees. Oh No! I don't like winter .. and already can't wait for spring to come round again. Atleast I can see other bloggers are now enjoying spring coming round to their place. 
 take care, Maryann

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lisa's shabby bedroom make-over.....

Well here it is.... Lisa's bedroom.  She was very particular of what she liked and didn't like. I would go into her room with something thinking she might like it and she'd come straight back out with it! It was pretty funny really.. there were to be no roses prints only some flowers in a vase and  no doilies (except for one) and no empty frames.  I think it's turned out very light and fresh, she didn't want too much clutter..... I painted absolutely everything white apart from the bed which was already white.  It still needs a few pics above her dressing table as it looks abit too empty, so I am on the look out for some pretty frames and perhaps a fluffy chenille throw for her bed to soften the look.... but if I wait for that to happen you'll never get to see........

The bedspread I already had.  I purchased it from the USA a while ago. The cushion covers were from a garage sale. We did go shopping for a quilt cover but nothing really grabbed us, so one day I am hoping to make something for her myself.  The lace curtains are from Rachael Ashwell and I just love how they give a soft and feminine feeling to the room.

This is looking into the room from the doorway. Her room is not very big, only 3m x 3.6m. the wardrobe I purchased from a garage sale for $20. As you can see we went for a white look with just pops of pink instead of having pink in everything.

The pink silk dressing gown hanging from the wardrobe was actually mine that I had for ever and the dressing table was free! A friend of ours just gave it to us.

She still need to place photos of her friends in the little 3 sided frame.. yes I painted that too!

I only had to add new handles, maybe a bit too fancy but we liked them!

Lisa's memory board. I purchased the frame a while ago at a garage sale and we decided to keep it brass to match the chandelier and also the floor lamp base as we didn't want everything white. I think it adds a little old world charm to the room.

I used silk and lace to cover it.

Mini crystal vases make lovely jewellery holders...

The drawers from another garage sale.. $15!  The lampshade also got a make-over.

This little cabinet holds her make-up up the top and shoes down the bottom. As you can see I still haven't attached some of the handles on the door as when I was using the drill, I dropped it and broke the drill bit. I haven't given Fred the good news yet!

Well that's it... everything in her room was a garage sale/market find apart from the chandelier which I purchased at an antique shop but just had to have it and her bed from a bedding place which was a bargain as we got it for 50% off. 
Ok, now onto the next project!!!!!!!!!!!

I have joined in at  ~Show and Tell Friday~ at  Cindy's My Romantic Home Blogspot
Take care, Maryann


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