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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Reno update- painting almost done!! Yeah!!

Well ladies, we are surely into the new year now! Hope this one's a good one for you! We went away for 2 weeks over the holidays down south as we have a van at a caravan park and it was great not to have to do anything but eat and sleep and fish and walk. The kids love going swimming and going on the biscuits! For those of you thinking.. what the? that's when you lie on a big rubber tyre or doughnut and get pulled around behind a boat! I tried it once and that was enough! Being dragged behind in a straight line is not so bad but when they go from side to side trying to get you off is another. Nope, I'd rather read my mags!

Anyhow, on to the fun stuff... lol! Here are some pics of my house where I have painted.. no more yellow,  just white and am loving it.

After I took this next pic I wasn't quite happy with the look, this corner has me baffled abit on how to decorate it as it has no purpose really. This was where the window used to be so now it's more of a reading nook I thinking.

so I put the camera down and after shuffling and adding a few things it now looks like this....

So there you have it. I am slowly putting everything back where it's supposed to go and giving everything a good clean as I go.  At the moment I am getting ready to do Lisa'a room. Today my 2 nephews are coming over for a few days so won't be getting that much done...   Hope you have all been well, take care, Maryann


loscoloresdesole said...

Hello I'm Soledad from Uruguay, your house is beautifull, I'm changing some furniture from my mother house and painting it white, later I will show that in my blog, well, I'll visit you often becuse I like so much all that you show us, besos,Sole=)(sorry for my english please)

our shabby cottage said...

It looks fantastic Maryann, All your hard work is paying off!

Pink and Pretty Designs said...

Everything is looking GORGEOUS, Maryann!! I love your kitchen!
Sheryn xox

The Pink Poodle said...

LOOKs all fab to me!

glad you had a relaxing break...

keep up the painting!! re decorating..

shall keep seeing what else you are up to!!!>???

xx andrea

The Shabby Cottage said...

Maryann the house looks beautiful. Bet your glad all the hard yards are done and wasn't it all worth it. Looking back on the finish now I bet you cannot believe the transformation. Sandy


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