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Sunday, September 27, 2009

week end project..

Yes, we've finally started! The builder came the next day and got stuck right into it. Pier holes were dug, using a jackhammer as I have a lot of stone, and I tell you that jackhammer was music to my ears!! lol! Cement was poured and bricks were laid. Tomorrow the builder should start on bearers and joists and then the floor. Its all happening, timber for the frame was delivered and I think I am really starting to get excited now. This weekend I started a project that has been on my list since forever. At the lower part of my driveway just where my hedges finish is a part where it opens up onto grass, see pic below. Now its not a pretty site as there is an old wall which was part of a very old house that used to be on this land a long long time ago. We kept the wall and never did anything with it but we had the dog kennel sitting just infront of it and I have like a potting area behind it. Everytime I used to drive down I used to think... gee how I hate this corner! Well this weekend I finally did something about it. I got hubby to help me move the kennel behind the wall so its hidden when you drive in. Now for this wall??? what to do? then it hit me... I have always liked the french courtyard theme, with terracotta pots, shutters, grapevines etc. This is the before photo, and soon I will post the after. Now the after won't be completely finished as I need to lay some pavers where the grass hasn't grown but I have already decorated the wall, and painted some old shutters that I have had for ages.
But for inspiration I found some pics I thought you might like to see...

Love the fountain in this one and the arched windows,, shutters above..

Pretty pots of colour and cafe style seating, loving the cremes in this.

Love the water feature and scrolly chairs and urns..

Love the trailing ivy and gorgeous blue door.. hopefully if the wind dies down tomorrow as we are having shocking gale force winds here, I will post some pics of my little french courtyard.. to be continued... take care, Maryann

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Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Hi Maryann!
Thanks for stopping by my blog for a visit. I am so glad you did, it gave me a chance to come visit you! I LOVE your inspiration photos. Can't wait to see how you interpet them. I love country French so you are creating something I know I am going to love.
p.s. I LOVE your lamps and shades...did you ever see my mosaic lamps and shades at my mosaic website?
We have alot in common!


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