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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Garden surprises...

I love my garden. I picture myself when I'm 70 pottering in the garden with a big floppy hat and pretty gloves planting flowers and seedlings till my heart's content. But for now I have to put in all the hard work. This first pic is of a herb garden I have started underneath this tree. I have found it difficult to grow anything here as the soil is so dry but I have added some clay soil, which holds moisture and a bag of cow manure.. hope this does the trick. I know it doesn't look like much at the moment but I'll take pics again in a few months time. I have planted rosemary, parsley, basil, dill, thyme and mint. This happens to be right underneath my kitchen window so thought it was the ideal spot! I feel so happy when I walk through my garden, especially now that spring has sprung! so many pretty flowers and colours. I also like to decorate my garden by adding the usual ornaments, bird hangers, bird baths, statues etc. But what I like the best is the unexpected..
like this vintage sewing machine...

and this old typewriter. Gee I hope this wasn't one of those garage sale finds that's worth a mint and here I've just thrown it in the garden... oh well!

At the moment I'm on the hunt for some lavender. I didn't realise how many different types there are. I want to make a hedge about 8 metres long where my buxus hedges finish along the driveway. I'm after some with really blue flowers not purple or pink. I was amazed to find at the garden centre white lavender! There are some pretty ones out now called lavender lace. Will let you know what I end up getting, but I don't want to rush into it as I already had a hedge of baby marguerites planted there and pulled them all out as I wasn't happy with them. I ended up planting them elsewhere so they didn't go to waste. Nothing much is happening with my extension at the moment. We have decided to give the job to a builder... HALLELUHA.. to lock up stage then we will finish the inside. Thing is they can't start till the 21st but should have it done in 3-4 wks. Ok gals, keep well, sorry if I haven't visited for a while, Maryann

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Antique Rose Designs said...

Hi Maryann your garden looks gorgeous and your grass is so green. You must be excited about your starting your house. Looking forward to seeing some photos. Take care Carol


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