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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Not happy Jan!.....

Well today is the 23rd of Sept and our builder was supposed to start on the 21st. I knew there was a chance he may start on the 22nd as he had to go overseas for 2 wks and may have a bit of jet lag. But he called up on the 22nd and said he was sick! Now I know through experience that nothing ever goes smoothly when it comes to building but I am so dissappointed I cannot tell you. I hope this is not a sign of things to come... anyways.... below are some pics of how I would like to do the retaining wall in my front yard. As we had to cut into the land we have stepped the soil so it is in 2 sections so I don't have 1 flat wall. I think it looks so much prettier like this. I am also lucky enough to have natural sandstone on my land way down the back amongst the bush. I will be encorporating some steps infront of the house and also either side so you can get up from each angle.

I've been pretty busy sewing and have listed some xmas ballerina stockings on ebay and will be listing some more shabby ones in the next week or so. thought I'd get in early this year since I have a habit of leaving everything till the last minute! Hope you are all well ladies.. take care, Maryann


The Pink Poodle said...

hi maryann...thanks for leaving a little message on my blog..
oh...there are sooo many gorgeous aussie women...worldwide blogs out there...

I am attempting to put your blog in my as i can know what goes on!!

lovely site..

xx andrea

Antique Rose Designs said...

Hi Maryann I know exactly how you feel, been there done that. Most tradesmen are unreliable and shifty or maybe just the one's I dealt with. I could write a book on all the problems we encountered while do our extension and renovations. Some of the things that happened you wouldn't believe were true but they did happen. And one word of advice if you are not happy with something make sure you tell them because alot of them try to take advantage of you. I hope you get the good ones. Good luck. Carol

Gail McCormack said...

Hi Maryann

Love your inspiration photos - yes please I would love something similar

As for the tradesmen - Shifty Lot - I should know I'm married to one (he's not practicing his trade now though), have one as a son, a fater in law too and used to have a job which involved selling to them before I started doing what I am now!

Wishing you the very best of luck
As Carol said don't be backward in coming forward


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