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Monday, June 29, 2009

My home & me

Well, yesterday was my mother in laws 80th birthday (God bless her) so just before we left home I told Lisa to take a pic of me to post on my blog. Now for me to do that is a big thing as I absolutely loath taking photos! I am the most unphotogenic person there is! But I think its nice to put a face behind a name. Well she probably took about 15 photos all of which I hate bar this one, which she herself took with one arm outstreched and quickly snapped it. If she knows I posted this one she'll probably kill me as its not a very good one of her!! poor thing, I'll post some better ones of her and the boys next time...
I've heard nothing from council as yet re my house... what a joke its already been 10 weeks in council.. I hope I'll still be alive when approval comes through! Anyway I thought I'd post some pics I took last spring of my humble home. There is not much front garden, I am hoping to get stuck into this this spring. My extension will be in front of the 2 big windows and will have a front door in the middle with 2 narrow floor length windows either side. I am hoping to find some shutters to add either side of each window.
Then I will have a verandah going right across the front.
This top picture is the front verandah I have at the moment, it doesn't really get used much but when the extension is finished I will hit hubby with another project as I would really love to turn this into a sunroom /sewing room,, notice how I said when the extension is finished. After 21 years of marriage I've learnt not to overwhelm him with all my ideas at once!

This next pic is of the side garden which has a winding path from front to back, its about 10 metres wide by 10 mtrs long. I love this side of the garden as on a hot day its very cool under the big old trees.

Well thats it for today, come spring when everything comes to life again ( including me) I'll take some more recent ones. Bye for now, take care, Maryann~


our shabby cottage said...

It's a great photo - what are you worried about!!! Thanks for sharing yourself and photos of your home.

Antique Rose Designs said...

Hi Maryann it's nice to see a face to your name. I'm not game enough to post a photo of myself yet. Your house looks lovely I bet you can't wait to start your extension I waited 13 years and that was long enough. Take care Carol

Anonymous said...

Hi Maryann
This is my first comment :o)
your blog and all of your decorating & sewing is just beautiful, so so pretty & your photo is just lovely (I hate having my picture taken too)
be happy with you. A bird cage would look great near the heater good luck finding the perfect one.
Hugs Chris


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