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Thursday, June 11, 2009

thank God the sun is out..

We've had a nice couple of sunny days lately even if it is freezzzzing cooold! I have been working on a couple of orders.. just finished a ballerina quilt for a lovely lady and am working on a lamp for another lady which should be finished soon, so hopefully I can make some other things to put on ebay. On the weekend I managed to work in the vegie patch a bit. Its in the back part of the yard so for now I've just got rope going around it till we do the fence to keep prancer ( our pony), out otherwise she'd have a field day!!

At the moment I've got silverbeet, leeks, beetroot, lettuce, peas, snowpeas planted. So I planted some broad beans and chick peas and also some more shallots. I just love my vegie patch as I get such a kick when I go to cut them to use for dinner. I also find it very relaxing and theraputical even if I am digging and weeding. Hubby and I only made this vegie patch last Xmas as it was one of the things on my 'to do list'... I love it even more when I go to the supermarket and don't have to worry about buying the vegies I already have planted.. saves a little money too as all these vegies were planted from seed. If you've never grown your own vegies I can tell you there is nothing like home grown!!

Well last week I had some visitors in the backyard, one of the quirks of living where I do and for 2 weeks running the local kangaroos came to visit every morning and afternoon. This particular day it was raining (actually it had been raining on and off for about 10 days) but I took the shots anyway hoping to take some better ones the next day, ofcourse they didn't turn up and haven't since then, they must have known I'd be waiting... lol!

Well better go and put our fire on as I can't believe how cold it is, had to put a thick jacket on just to hang up the clothes......Take care! Maryann


shabby*vintage*dreams said...

Maryann, what a lovely picture to see all the kanga's in your paddock!! Your vegie patch looks great!!
have a great week!!

Paint Me White said...

Maryann thanks for stopping by at my blog. I really appreciated your advice regarding our house purchase and I think your right and we should go for the land. My heart says the house in town but the kids are only young and do have motor bikes and Paige would love a horse. I need space for all the furniture I paint so I think the decision has already been made. Lets just hope the bank agrees. Have a great day. I Love your garden by the way. Best come over and give me a hand with mine. Sandy

our shabby cottage said...

Hi Maryann, welcome to the big wide world of blogging!! I found you through the shabby cottage. Hope you enjoy the ride! Kathryn.

Antique Rose Designs said...

Hi Maryann welcome to blogland and thanks for visiting my blog. I will post photos when the quilt is done it's been put on hold at the moment too many orders to do. I'll be back to visit soon and I'll add you to my favourite blogs. Take care Carol

Tulip~Rose Quilt Shoppe said...

Hi Maryann..
Welcome to land of blogging! I'm a newbie at this as well...but it doesn't take long to get the hang of it. I LOVE your lamps!! I have added you to my fav blogs so will definately be back to visit soon.
Glenda xxx


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