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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

keeping busy

My latest creation.. I love shabby.. cushion. Thought I'd do something different and add some embroidered wording to the front. What better way to express what we love. I've made another one for myself and will put it in the hall way (once its built!) so all my visitors will know what my decorating style is all about, for those who still aren't sure. I've had my childrens' grown up friends comment on how my house looked like a fairy tale house, something out of a story book, one said he thought he'd walked into heaven (because of all the white) and another said he "was home" which I all take as a great compliment. Funny though as my house is no where near how I want it.
For now though my cushion sits on my bed and when hubby saw it he said" it should say I love Freddy not I love shabby" lol... might have to make another one. This cushion is on ebay tonight.
I've had a few projects going this past week I had an order for a ballerina wall hanging, so I decided to make 2 so I could put one ebay, but I'm not sure if it will even make it that far. These are just the tops as I'm still waiting on some wadding. Will post some pics when they're done. I also still need to add some loops to the top and get a rod for it with some ribbon to hang it.

Also made a silk lamp with an organza frill for another lovely lady. I was so delighted when she decided to ring me to tell me how happy she was with it... just makes what I do so worth while.

I've had quite a large order come in so I will try to do my best to also make some other pretties to list on ebay, so take care ... bye for now, Maryann~


Antique Rose Designs said...

Hi Maryann love the cushion and the ballerina wall hanging looks so pretty. Post some photos when it's finished. Take care Carol

shabbydreaming said...

AAHH OH I adore your latest creation!! Very pretty Very me!! the lamp is also stunning!!
hoping your having a great week!!

Antique Rose Designs said...

Hi Maryann you have been tagged see my blog. Take care Carol

Tulip~Rose Quilt Shoppe said...

Hi Maryann

I just LOVE the is simply stunning!!! and the ballerina wall hangings look great... make sure you post a photo when they are finished.
Isnt it nice when a customer takes the time to let you know they are happy!! and she would be very hard to please if she wasn't with that beautiful lamp!
Good luck with the large order.. sounds like you will be busy soon!

Glenda xxx

Alicia ~ Time Worn Style said...

Have just popped over from Carols blog for a visit! Glad I did, love your latest creations, particularly the cushion
Alicia :0)

Sonia ~ Vintage Rose Designs said...

Hello Maryann,
I thank you so much for coming by and leaving a comment on my maltese post =) So excited to hear you are also maltese and you love shabby chic. Its amazing. You do great work I love your stuff. Yepp, us maltese can sew, ha!!
Sorry it took me so long to come by, summers are pretty shook up with the kid home on vacation.
Keep in touch Malteser,

Sarah said...

Hi Maryann,
I just found your blog after a bit of blog hopping.
I love your cushions & lamps, sooo pretty!
I have added you to my blog roll, come visit me back when you get time.


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