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Monday, May 2, 2016

Buffet & Hutch make over in progress....

At the moment I am working on making over this lovely buffet & hutch that I picked up not long ago. I absolutely loved the details on the drawers so it came home with me. I am also using using Annie Sloan's chalk paint for the first time and I am happy with the result and the creamy texture of the paint it leaves. I did water it down just a little though as it is very thick.

I still need to wax it and paint the hutch section but I'm thinking of wall paper for the back of the hutch since it's such a large expanse and very plain. Something very subtle and neutral perhaps with a fine design or pattern.

So once it's all done I'll post some more pics.  I am also doing the happy dance at the moment as I finally get the keys to my store today. So I will be very busy getting all that ready as well and hopefully won't be long before I can open my doors.
                                                                So take care ladies...

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